5 Themes of Austin

by Nikita Tiffany

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The absolute location of Austin is 30.25 for Latitude and -97.75 for longitude. The relative location of Austin, Texas is near San Antonio, another city in Texas.

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This picture is relevant to place because it describes the cultural aspect Austin has; how Austin promotes its unique and diverse community.

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This picture is relevant to Region because Austin is known (physically) as "Hill Country" compared to the flat grounds of Houston and Dallas. Austin is also known to be one of most diverse city capitals in the United States.

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This picture above correspond with moment because people move to Austin for jobs. Austin is one the cities is Texas that is very technology related. Many people move from around the United States due to jobs just to live in a very of-the-age technology area.

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Human Enviroment Interaction

The picture above, representing drought is valid because Austin is facing a very dry weather pattern with little rain. Due to this, humans adapt to it by the water by preserving the water.