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Personalized Learning

One of five major areas of focus in our district is to increase leadership capacity. To that end, our PLC leaders at the middle and high school are participating in an opportunity through TeachUNITED to increase their knowledge of personalized instruction. This opportunity provides personal and virtual coaching on personalized, blended, and competency based learning which are all part of our vision for the future of EPSD.

What is TeachUNITED?

TeachUNITED is a global non-profit dedicated to reducing inequality through education. The goal of TeachUNITED is to provide rural and underserved communities with professional learning. TeachUNITED provides individual face-to-face coaching and virtual coaching for teachers, as well as workshops, for large groups of teachers. The focus of the professional learning is to bring personalized and blended learning to these communities and expand opportunities for students. TeachUNITED has partners across the Globe in other countries such as Tanzania and Costa Rica, which allows for the opportunity for our teachers to collaborate with other educators from other countries.

Teachers Selected

Seven of our middle and high school teachers have been selected to have their classrooms visited by teachers and instructional coaches from Tanzania and Costa Rica. Teachers are traveling from other countries to see what personalized learning looks like in our classrooms. This creates the opportunity for teachers to partner with teachers from other countries and expand their collaborative network.
  • Steve Johnson, 6th Grade Science
  • Diana Webster, High School Math
  • Barton Tofany, High School Math
  • Shawna Carosello, 7th Grade Language Arts
  • Andrew Virdin, High School Language Arts
  • Bob Regan, Business and Computer Science Education
  • Jason Bradley, 7th Grade Social Studies
Thursday, January 23, teachers from Tanzania and Costa Rica will be visiting the classrooms of these selected teachers. We can't wait to follow up on the collaboration!

Thank you to these teachers for representing our school district!


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