HJHS Weekend Update

February 7, 2016

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Every Student! Every Day!

I hope you have had the best four day weekend! Keeping ourselves energized and motivated is critical this time of year! Our students have a lot of learning left to do! We cannot lose focus on our mission to have every student ready! I appreciate your dedication and work! It hard to believe we are just two weeks away from the next benchmark tests! Review your pacing guides and monitor your students progress toward meeting the standards! Our students can do it!

I read an article this weekend that intensified my personal sense of urgency to make sure ALL students are for high school. The article, "Higher Education's Critical Role in Increasing Opportunity in America: What Boards Should Know and 10 Questions They Should Ask" (link below). There were lots of statistics that were scary, interesting, and enlightening simultaneously! I want to share with you the statistics on education. The article states: "At the individual level, quality of education - especially a college education - is the only way up. The facts are brutal. Without a college degree, 45% of those born poor in the United States will remain poor as adults." "For African American males, the consequences of not getting an education are even starker. Without a high school diploma, these young men have a 68% chance of imprisonment by age 34. With a high school diploma, imprisonment rates fall to 21%; with a college degree, they plummet to 7%."

We are the foundation - we have roughly 12 weeks to have our 8th graders ready for high school! During advisory talk to your students about where they are and where they want to be! YOUR POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR KIDS CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! YOU MAY NOT GET A LOT OF WARM FUZZIES OR PATS ON THE BACK FROM THE KIDS, BUT YOUR INTEREST, CONCERN AND CARE IS CRITICAL TO THEIR SUCCESS!


Have a great week of learning!



Upcoming Events and Notes for this week at HJHS!


Wednesday, February 17: Equity Training from 3:15-4:15 (Remember you must have 7 hours!)

Thursday, February 18: Zumba

Friday, February 19: Student Council Dance

PTA Open House

Thursday, February 25

Half-Day PD April 8

12:30 - 4:30

Hall Passes

We have too many kids in the hallway during instruction time! A student may leave your class with your permission IF

1) He/she has his/her PRIDE card. You simply write the date, time, and you sign/initial the card.

2) You write a hall pass with the student name, date, time, and you sign/initial the pass.

3) You provide a library pass. Mrs. Walker provided passes early in the year, if you would like some please just let her know. Otherwise see #2 and include the words "library pass."

4) You provide a completed clinic pass.

Absolutely no student should be in the hall without a written pass signed by a staff member.


* If an administrator/counselor would like to see a student, one of us will come and get the student.

* If a student leaves your class late for a legitimate reason, then you should provide a pass to the next class.

* Students should NEVER be in the hallway unattended. If they are working in the hallway on a project, then make sure you can keep an eye on them.



  • Wednesday, February 17: Equity Training

  • Friday, February 19: Student Council Dance

  • Tuesday, February 23: National Junior Honor Society Induction

  • Wednesday, February 24: PLC Meetings

  • Thursday, February 25: Spring PTA Open House
  • Friday, February 26: Black History Assembly
  • February 29 - March 4: SchoolNet Benchmark Assessments

  • Thursday, March 3 - Friday, March 4: State Choral Festival

  • Wednesday, March 2: Faculty Meeting

  • Friday, March 4: End of the 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Wednesday, March 9: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, March 14: 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Wednesday, March 16: Faculty Meeting/ARI
  • Wednesday, March 30: PLC Meetings
  • Monday, April 4 - Tuesday, April 5: State Choral Performance Assessment

  • Wednesday, April 6: PST Meetings

  • Wednesday, April 13: Faculty Meeting

  • Thursday, April 14 - Sunday, April 17: Advanced Choir Trip to New York

  • Monday, April 18: 4th Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • April 18 - 27: STAR Spring Benchmark

  • Wednesday, April 20: PST meetings after school

  • Wednesday, April 27: Faculty Meeting/Test Security

  • April 28 - May 13: ACT End of Course Tests (Algebra I and Geometry)

  • May 2 - 13: ACT Aspire

  • Wednesday, May 4: Faculty Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 11: PST meetings after school - End of the Year

  • Thursday, May 19: Spring Choir Concert at HHS