Awareness of HEI

By: Ricky Rijos


Urbanization is the when an area starts to become a city or town. Urbanization is an impact because it pollutes the air and it is destroying land area by cutting down forest, jungles, and paving over green areas. If we continue with urbanization it will leave us with little green land to plant crops and grow food. This will put more pressure on the manufacturing companies to sustain the world economy.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is when people liter, dump their chemicals, or throw their trash into a body of water. It is an impact because we as humans throw our trash into lakes and rivers instead of at the dump. The consequences are it is killing the waters cleanliness and making it polluted which isn't good for the animals, plants, or we as humans. This will make the water have many diseases in it and anyone who is involved in the water will get sick and possibly die.
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How they tie together

Urbanization and water pollution tie together because they both pollute the world. Urbanization pollutes the air and land that it paves over, while water pollution obviously pollutes the water with trash and chemicals. They make the world more unhealthy and harder to live in for many people.


1. What is urbanization?

2. What is most commonly the first type of area urbanized in the world?