Project Based Learning

MAME and MRA Collaborative Pre-Conference

Wednesday November 2, 2016

Join the Michigan Association for Media in Education and the Michigan Reading Association for a full day of project based learning and discovery!

Featuring Keynote Speaker

Paige Jaeger


Seven SCECHs are available for attending the full day event.

Project Based Learning - Pre-Conference Event

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 8am-4:30pm

187 Monroe Avenue Northwest

Grand Rapids, MI

Paige Jaeger

Paige Jaeger is the Instructional Focus Editor for School Library Connection magazine. She has co-authored three books with Mary Boyd Ratzer, Think Tank Library: Brain-Based Learning Plans for New Standards for grades K-5 and grades 6-12 and Rx for the Common Core: Toolkit for Implementing Inquiry Learning. She spent her career working as a school librarian at both the elementary and secondary levels and then moved into administration. She has been an instructor for AASL's eCOllab courses, hosted seminars, and tweet-fests, but enjoys writing the best. In her spare time she hikes and bikes in the Adirondack Mountains with her family and friends. Like many Michigan residents, she proudly owns a roof-rake but-- doesn't look forward to using it! Paige has much to offer to those cutting edge teachers who want to bring learning alive for their students via project based learning.

Pre-Conference Agenda

Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME)


Michigan Reading Association (MRA)


Project Based Learning

Amway Grand Hotel Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 2, 2016


Pantlind Ballroom

7:30 – 8:00 Registration

8:00 – 8:15 Welcome and Goal Setting

8:15 - 9:15 Keynote: Paige Jaeger - Get Thinking! Building Thinkers and Communicators Who will Run the World! Please join us as we laugh, learn, and examine just how we as reading and research professionals are vital links to student achievement.

9:15 – 9:30 Break

9:30 – 10: 15 Break Out Sessions

Grand View A

Christine Schneider - MeL Resources for Project Based Learning

Grand View B and C

Kristin Lavoie - Present PBL project titled "The Peace of the Mogho Naba"

The project is used to introduce 7th grade students to good research skills: evaluating websites, good search terms, MeL, citations and presentation tools. The project achieves these goals--as well as broader cross curricular connections-by exploring the country of Burkina Faso, its history, government and culture. It focuses on the traditional ruler, the Mogho Naba, who comes from an 800 year old monarchy, and delves into his extraordinary role as a peacemaker during recent dangerous and sometimes violent times. Among other things, it will engage personal reflection by students on becoming examples of peace and forgiveness in their own lives, times and places. The presentation at MAME will include an example of my project and helpful hints for creating and carrying out a successful PBL project.


Lynn Bigelman - Project Based Instruction with a focus on Literacy!

This session will describe how one school incorporates project based learning into their curriculum. The projects invigorates the learning environment and energizes the curriculum with real world relevance. Projects are often cross curricular but always has a literacy focus.

10:30 – 11: 15 Break Out Sessions

Grand view A

Myla Lee and Kim Clark - PBL and the Media Specialist: Practical Tips for K-6 - As John Dewey once said, ““We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” Learn from our experience as we reflect on what are the “lessons learned” from integrating Project Based Learning in our school culture. Explore how the synthesis of Project Based Learning (PBL) and the Media Specialist can ignite student centered learning. Whether you’re facilitating or supporting Project Based Learning during your Media Center time, learn practical tips to help your PBL journey be successful as these two educators share their stories and showcase examples.

Grand View B and C

Jeff Bush - Kent Innovation HS - Round table discussion/conversation

11:15 – 12:30 Lunch on your own or with your pre-purchased vouchers

12:30 - 2:00 Work session

Pantlind Ballroom

Paige Jaeger - Building a Great Research Project! Ask a question--let the media creation answer it!

Learn the art of repackaging research projects into a 21st Century Learning Adventure. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how an Essential Question, EQ (or "umbrella question") can connect to the learner, inspire investigation, and guide the student while meeting curriculum objectives.

During this hands-on three-hour presentation, We will laugh as we:

  • Learn why the EQ is important;

  • Understand how to create a compelling question;

  • Practice crafting questions;

  • Connect questions to media projects, classrooms, read-alouds, and

  • Show how these questions can "evolve" flat projects into 21st Century learning endeavors.

2:00 - 2:15 Break

2:15 - 3:45 Work session, continued

Pantlind Ballroom

3:45 - 4:15 Closing Keynote: Paige Jaeger

4:15 - 4:30 Evaluation and Wrap-Up - Prizes (must be present to win :-))

4:30 - Vendor sneak peak