Tropical Vacation Brochure

Land and Climate

Panama is fairly rugged and mountainous.

Panama connects Central and South America.

Panama covers 29,120 square miles.

The soil is very fertile due to volcanic activity.

The Panama Canal runs through Panama City and Colon.

The average temperature is 80 degrees ferinheit.

The average temperature in the mountains is 55 degrees ferinheit.

Panama is shaped like an S. Panama is 480 miles long and rairly exceeds the width of 75 miles.

The western half is covered by the mountain range known as Serraria de Tabasava.

Some of the mountains are crested by volcanoes up to 11,401' above sea level.

History and Government

History and Government

Panama is greatly affected by it's position between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Columbus claimed Panama for Spain in 1502.

In 1821 Spain was overthrown by Columbia.

In 1903 Panama claimed independence from Columbia.

The U.S. sent troops to help Panama with their new government.

The Panama Canal was started in 1907 and completed in 1914.

Jimmy Carter announced Panama would gain control of the canal in 1999.

The current president is Martin Torrigos Espino.

Panama is trying to find use of the land after the United States left.


Leave Chicago and head for Panama City, Panama $800

DoubleTree Hilton $900 (Bed and Breakfast)

Ham and Turkey Sandwiches for Week $20

Rental Car $80 for Week, Gas $200

Hilton Rooftop Pool

Raman Noodles for Supper all Week $4.50 Steak last Supper $15

Day 2:

Breakfast at Hotel

Panama Canal No Expence


Suntan on Hilton DoubleTree Roof No Expence

Raman Noodles

Day 3:

Breakfast at Hotel

Shop $50


Swim in Hotel's Pool

Raman Noodles

Day 4:

Breakfast at Hotel

Shop $50


Relax in Hotel Room

Raman Noodles

Day 5:

Breakfast at Hotel

Snorkel $200 Paid Lunch

Raman Noodles

Day 6:

Breakfast at Hotel

Swim in Pool




Day 7:

Breakfast at Hotel


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