static electricity

When two objects shuffle together they become charged. This is static electricity.

When nylon is rubbed on balloons the balloons can attract things. How? The nylon charged the balloon (charged,static electricity) and it attracts the other item. For example :hair, small pieces of paper, and even thread !!!


When you turn on a light in your house you flick on a button or a switch, right? Well...

you are connecting a circuit! A circuit is a power source, and two wires and light bulb.

When you say circuit it sounds like circle, yea so when you put a circle (circuit) with a bulb and battery it turns on !!!!

all about sam

this is a fourth grader who is creative and playful full of energy and she gets all good grades like As and Bs

light we have light !!!!!

here we have light bulbs that have a light flash is it great or what we have a simple circuit that lets us contribute lite!