Stella and Dot

Hostess Coaching!!

You have booked your show! Now what?

It's aways a relief to finally nail down a trunk show date that you have been working so hard on booking. But, if no one shows up, the date is just a date! You don't want any of your hard work to go to waste. So, for starters, your enthusiasm goes a long way. Get your hostess excited about her show. Stay in contact with her and help her by hostess coaching!!

Important Hostess Coaching Tips!

  • On the "My Trunk Shows" page, there is a great reference for what to do once you have booked your show. Check it out!
  • Send her a hostess packet. Once you book her show in the system, she can begin collecting orders and earn rewards. The hostess packet should include (look books, mid-size look books, minis, trunk show planner, opportunity guide, wish list and social mixology sheets). I also include a hostess tips sheet that I made which I will forward to you all.
  • Help her to make her wish list. This will help her set a sales goal for her show in order to get the pieces and bags she loves with her rewards:)
  • Help her make her guest list. Make sure she knows that only 1/4-1/3 of those she invites will actually be able to make it to her show. So... think FRANCK (friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, community (church group, clubs, co-workers), kid's connections). Tell her to encourage guests to bring friends.
  • Create, email and text a Redstamp save the date for her to forward to guests. I usually have her send this out one month before the show.
  • Create and provide her with paper invites for her to mail or pass out on the go. A few weeks before the show, create an e-vite or a invite as well. You can create an e-vite on the Stella and Dot website. If you are sending an email invite, have her copy you, so you have the email addresses for future correspondence. Some hostesses may have trouble finding the time to do it, so I find it easier to take care of it myself.
  • During the week before the show, contact your hostess with all of the excitement you have about her show. Encourage her to make contact with her guests and remind them about her show as well as touch base with people she has not yet heard from. You can also use Redstamp or the invite as a reminder tool.
  • She may be concerned that she has had a lot of "no" replies at first. Reassure her that those are people who know for a fact they have a prior commitment.
  • Ask your hostess to keep the food and drink simple. People eat very little, so no need for an extravagant spread. Wine with cheese and crackers or muffins and mimosas would be perfect.
  • Ask your hostess to wear a simple neckline in a solid color so she can model lots of different looks.
  • The hostess, food, drink and jewels should all be in the same area. Wherever the hostess and drinks are is where the guests will be. You don't want all of the guests in the kitchen while you are standing alone in the dining room.

After the Show...

  • Send a thank you email or a newsletter to the hostess and guests (have the hostess forward to all of those invited) thanking them for coming out for a great night of bling and fun. Include the hot item (with a pic) of the night. For those who couldn't make it, provide the link for online shopping and your info in case anyone has any questions or needs assistance with ordering. See the example I sent you.
  • Send a last call for orders a few days before the shows ends with the link to the trunk show.
  • Your hostess has 180 days to redeem her hostess rewards. I try to monitor this and remind her of any unused credits before she loses them.