Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

April 11-15


We will do Topic 14 this week. It is about adding and subtracting money amounts.

We'll continue to work on Rocket Math to master math facts.

Telling time and measuring are in upcoming topics. Give your child practice in using face clocks, rulers, tape measures, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, etc. This will help him/her pick up the concepts more quickly.


For the next 2 weeks, we'll be reading the story "Red, White, and Blue" and related information on patriotic topics.

Skills include using quotation marks, abbreviations, prepositions and multi-meaning words. We will also work on understanding fact/opinion, main idea/details, author's purpose, drawing conclusions, cause and effect, and summarizing. LOTS to do !


The corporation wide Walk-a-Thon is April 22. Be sure to get your child's permission slip turned in this week.

PTO has provided NEW T-shirts for students to wear for this event. Shirts will be distributed the morning of the event. Have your child wear a shirt that can be worn UNDER the new shirt. The weather will determine the type of shirt you will select.

Also plan on very comfortable shoes for this event.


The list remains the same as last week. This Friday will be the applied skills test.

Special Classes:

Monday .... ART Students need to take AR quizzes today

Tuesday .... LIBRARY Return books!

Wednesday ... MUSIC

Thursday .... GYM

Friday .... ART