Rudy's Poems


The Day - personification

The sun reminds

me, of the day.

That the stone

guided me to

my way home.

Ice cream-imagery poem

It was a hot sunny day after school.

I took a look at the freezer.

Thank god there is some ice cream left.

I opened the door,yes! Ice cream.

I get a bowl

I take a bite


So chilly, creamy it just melts

In your mouth

It feels like a cool winter day.

It is a never ending bowl in till I see the bottom.

Ooo no the last bite.

went down so good.

I still have the taste of winter in my mouth.


I got hit by a bus.

I will hurt Gus.

Gus pulled my hair.

Now people will stare.

Iam lying in bed tonight.

Thinking Gus will never be in sight.

Saturday- Similes and Metaphors

It was an unusual wrestling tournoment.

It was freezing I could see my breath.

I was up,

I was has nervous as the turtle and the hare.

The person I faced was paul bunyan 63 ax handels tall.

It was a tough matchhe was tall and strong.

But I got a takedown.

To tie it up. Then It was overtime.

At the last ten seconds of the match.

I defeated him by 2 points in overtime.