Why Women Should Be Allowed to Vote

A Notice from the NWP

1. Men cannot adequately represent all women.

You claim that men can adequately represent women. How is this possible when you, at the same time, claim women to be of an entirely different species when compared to men. If we are, as you say, a different species, we should have a say in how our 'species' is governed, what laws a woman should be subject to. What give you the right to decide for another human being what she should think? Are you no better than the tyrannical kings that once forced their opinions upon us?

2. We have contributed as much to society as men have.

We rear your children, take care of your house, and support you in all you do. Why, then, can you not support us in all we do? Why do we not get a say in how to run our lives? It cannot be because we are not responsible enough, or we would not be trusted to raise children, our future generation. It cannot be because we do not work for money because (along with the fact that some of us do) it is you, the men, who actively prevent us from working jobs outside of our homes through unequal pay and opportunities. We have contributed just as much to society as men have, if not in a different way, and as such should be allowed our suffrage.

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