Homes in the Middle Ages

1. Home sweet home!

2. Knight-

A Knight is a vassal or a lesser noble who fought on behalf of his lord in return for land.


A Manor is the main part of a lord or noble's land.


A Serf is a peasant who worked on land of a lord or vassal.

3. Website info

"Most medieval homes were cold, damp, and dark. Sometimes it was warmer and lighter outside the home than within its walls. For security purposes, windows, when they were present, were very small openings with wooden shutters that were closed at night or in bad weather. The small size of the windows allowed those inside to see out, but kept outsiders from looking in. Many peasant families ate, slept, and spent time together in very small quarters, rarely more than one or two rooms. The houses had thatched roofs and were easily destroyed."


"In the later medieval period the houses of the rich were made out of brick. However, brick was very expensive so many chose to make the half-timbered houses that are now commonly referred to as Tudor houses. Tiles were used on the roofs and some had chimneys and glass in the windows. These houses had two or more floors and the servants slept upstairs. Peasants' houses from this period have not survived because they were made out of sticks, straw and mud. They were one-roomed houses which the family shared with the animals. They made their houses themselves because they could not afford to pay someone to build them. The simplest houses were made out of sticks and straw."


4. Questions for you

Where do the serfs live? Where do the lords live?

True or False: The Middle ages was a 100 year period that took place after Rome fell.

5. My Point of veiw

In my opinion, homes in the middle ages remind me of, in a serf's home, how slave used to live on the White landowner's land.

6. People involved

Knights- Usually vassals who hire knights to protect the lord's, and their land as well.

Serfs- Worked on a lord's land, farmed, and did all of the labor in exchange for land, protection, and shelter.

Lords- Owned all the land given to them by the king, and also gave land to vassals in return for protection of the king and other nobles.

8. Annie Perryman