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Qatar is a sovereign Arab country located in Southwest Asia. It is bordered to the south by Saudi Arabi and all of it's remaining territory is bordered by the Persian Gulf. According to a count in 2014, the total population in Qatar is 2,269,672 people, making it the 144th largest country in the wolrd by population.
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The flag of Qatar

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The total population of Qatar (2014)


With an area of 11,586 sqaure kilometers, Qatar is 164th largest country in the world.


Islam is the official religion of Qatar. 95% of the population practice Islam as their religion.
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Map of Qatar

Biggest City and Capital City

In Qatar, both the capital city and the biggest city is Doha. The population of Doha is 344,939 people.
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Doha, the capital of Qatar

Places to Visit

Places to visit in Qatar include:

-The Museum of Islamic Art

-Fort Zubarah

-Barzan Tower

-Mathaf Museum

-Katara Cultural Village

-Souq Waqif

Places to shop include

-Department stores and shopping malls, such as the Landmark Mall and the Royal Plaza

Things You Should Know

-Travel visas are necessary to enter Qatar. Visas include tourist visas, family visit visas, and business visas.

-Men and Women should dress with modesty. Beach attire is allowed on beaches and at pools, but as much skin as possible must be covered in public places.

-Arabic is the main lanuage in Qatar, so bring a translater dictionary.

-The best time to visit Qatar is between October and April, as this is when the temperature drops.

-The coolest months are December, January and February.