Final Draft

Final draft for Mexico City

Hello everybody! It's me, Anish, and today I'm paying a visit to Mexico City. I'm here so that I can explore the world of Mexico City's culture. I have been fascinated by it and thought that the best place to learn from is the place itself! So here I am right now, typing up this document with a pile of library books piled up right next to me.

Now I would like to start with the city's actual religion. This city's religion in my personal opinion, is by default the most interesting of them all. One main reason is because Mexico City has no official religion. I mean think, living in a place not not having an official religion! That's just crazy! However, the most common religion found/practiced in the city is Roman Catholic. The second largest religion is of course- Christianity.

The next thing I would like to mention is their architecture. Now obviously places like churches would have designs and patterns similar to those of a Roman Catholic church, but places like a building, would have you'r ordinary building design. Glass, brick, and so on. But that's the wealthy part, in the poorer parts of the city, people build their own homes out of any material they have or can find.

The last bit of culture that I've learned is about their cuisine. The city's food is deeply known and very famous here in America! Many foods are made by getting meats, sauces, vegetables, rice, and corn and tossing them into a fresh tortilla. Things like tacos and enchiladas are made by doing so. The 2 biggest things grown in Mexico and used in cooking many cultural foods are rice and corn. In fact, corn was first grown in Mexico City! Amazing how such a little topic can make such a big deal in this document!

And so that concludes my journey to Mexico City, I have learned a ton about their culture and even got to try out some new religious practices and some high-quality food! So remember, when you visit Mexico City, to take a look at all the designs on buildings, find out about prayers they say, and even grab a bite of some great food!