The Robber of the Wild West

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Robert LeRoy Parker was born April 13, 1860 in Beaver, Utah. He was the first of 13 children born to Maximillian and Anne Parker. In 1879 Robert and his family moved to Circleville, Robert worked on ranches. It was here that Robert met his childhood hero Mike Cassidy.

  • Morman
  • 13 kids
  • Born April 13, 1860

Outlaw Years

  • First major crime in 1886, him and 3 cowboys stole $20,000 from a restraunt
  • Used outlaw trail
  • Created a group called the Wild Bunch
  • First Wild Bunch robbery in Castle, Utah stole $30,000
  • Continued robbing banks and train stations in North and South America
  • A bank in Rio brought in $70,000 buck-a-roos
Names of the Wild Bunch members include:

  • Bill Hikock
  • Jesse James
  • Paul Newman
  • Harry Longbogh A.K.A. The Sundance Kid

Hole In the Wall

  • In Wyoming 40 miles south of Kayce
  • A deep ravine surrounded by sandstone
  • Used in the late 1800's
  • It was the Wild Bunches favorite hide-away as well as other outlaws favorite too
  • You can visit the home where Butch and his friends slept


To many people Butch Cassidys death is still unknown. Some people believe he died in a gunfight in S.A. in 1908 where all of his buddies died.Others believe he faked his death and fled to England and changed his name to William Phillips, then died in 1937. Which do you believe.

A Really Short History of the Outlaw Trail

The outlaw Trail runs through Mexico to Texas, but it goes up then down.(As shown above) It was used in the late 1800's to the early 1900's by Butch Cassidy,Matt Warner,Kid Curry and many others. the Hole in the Wall is actually part of the Outlaw Trail.
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