Goverment Monitering & Surveillance

Is it needed to keep the people both safe & comfortable,Why?

Essential Question (EQ)

Is government monitering and surveillance needed to keep the people safe? Why?


Although every device has the ability to be taken over by the government, some privacy is needed for the people. Recently, the people's rights have been abused and now police, hackers, and most of the government can see what citizens are doing daily. This problem has started to grow to new levels and now even employers have been given the ability to see what employees are doing on their phones, computers, and other electronic devices. This method of surveillance proves helpful for tracking terrorists and to help solve crimes, but it doesn't work very well for the citizens.


The government has been monitering the citizens for a long time. Health medical records that are electronicaly contained can be accessed by the government. The government can not just tell where you are ,but predict where you are going next with cell phones.With a smart grid in your home people can be looking into your home at any time without you knowing. Our daily technological uses can be monitered and collected at any time.