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Diane Shonebarger - Independent Damsel Pro Mentor

April 2014

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is here. Blue skies. Sunshine. Green grass. Flowers. And that means more adults and kids enjoying the outdoors.

As more kids are out and about, more strangers will be tempted to speak to them and lure them away. Have you talked to your kids about the difference in strangers and "tricky people"? Teach your kids which strangers are ok to talk to and which are not. Visit the link below for some great information on "tricky people".

Prom is fast approaching. Have you talked to your teens about Prom safety? The checklist below offers some wonderful tips for a safe Prom.

Prom Safety Checklist

  • Discuss plans with your friends/date with your parents.
  • Know ahead of time what to say if someone offers you drugs or alcohol.
  • Know who your date is ahead of time. Do not go on a blind date.
  • Discuss curfew with your parents and share with friends/date before Prom night.
  • Ask a parent or trusted adult to remain near a phone in case you need to call them. Carry enough change to make several phone calls.
  • Carry a cell phone in your purse or pocket in case you need to call for help.
  • Keep an eye on your date to make sure he/she isn't drinking. Alcohol can impair judgement, vision, thinking, coordination, and reaction time.
  • Keep a close eye on other drivers as there are more drunk drivers on the road during this time.
  • Know where you are going before prom night, and have directions to all locations readily available. Share with parents.
  • Make sure the vehicle has enough gas to get where you are going and back home again.
  • If at any time you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, have enough money on had to call a cab, a parent, or a friend if you need to.

Featured Product: Wristle

In February, Damsel In Defense debuted their new emergency paracord bracelet. This affordable and adorable accessory is a perfect addition to your personal protection line up. This safe and sassy bracelet features 7 feet of braided paracord and a safety whistle. The Wristle is great to carry while camping or hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Young kids especially can use the whistle to signal for help if they need it.
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Featured Product: Holla At Me & Holla Hers

The Holla At Me and Holla Hers keychain alarms both have 120 decibel lungs and an LED flashlight. These tiny alarms provide peace of mind in unsecure or dangerous areas. Both alarms are a wonderful product for children or the elderly who may not be able to voice that there is danger nearby. Great for kids who often walk to and from the bus stop or school alone, or teens headed to the mall or even Prom!
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In honor of such an important topic, Damsel In Defense is offering a reduced price Starter Kit for a limited time in April. Sign up to join the Damsel In Defense mission in the month of April while the starter kit lasts.

Have you been thinking about joining Damsel In Defense? This is the perfect opportunity to jump in! If you are passionate about personal safety and self defense, contact me for more information!

**Please note that this kit is not available in No Stun No Spray states.

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