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Social Studies-Mrs. Webber

The students have completed their study of the origins and history of Judaism. We are now focusing on the subcontinent of India, it's geography, history and culture. Please urge your child to visit my teacher wiki to find valuable resources to help them prepare and research a variety of topics focused on India. Students will find information and links on their choice of two activities to complete on their own concerning India, due on Monday! Especially handy on the site is a set of interactive flashcards to help them review for vocabulary quizzes. I also post the planned assignments for the week!
Mid-way through February we will begin studying the continent of Africa, look for a fun project where the students will design a 'parade' float using a box (preferably a shoe box) to teach their classmates about their African country. Information on the project will not be given out until February 18th.
  • India choice activity due Monday, February 11th
  • African Country Parade Float assigned February 18th

Science - Mrs. Canfield (for Mrs. Gaunce)

7 Burgundy is currently learning and exploring the human body beginning with cells and mitosis (cell division). It is amazing all that our bodies do that we can not see such a cells division and DNA replication. The students did a phenominal job on their cell projects and displayed a great amount of knowledge. We are currently studing our Skeletal and Muscular System and exploring these systems through various activity stations in class. There is a test on the Skeletal and Muscular System on Monday February 11. We will begin the Heart/Circulatoy System just in time for Valentine's Day. We have a some fun activities planned for that special day.

Here are two fun websites for the Skeletal and Muscular System that will strengthen their understanding and review their knowldge for the upcoming test.



Also, should your student every wonder what they missed or the topic being covered in class, there is a calendar at the front door that list day by day the activites and topics covered as well as quiz and test dates and homework assignments for the entire month. In addition, important dates are also listed on the board as well as missing assignments.

I am also a parent of middle school students and understand your desire to see them succeed. Should they ever need any additional guidance or instruction, I am glad to help. I am here before and after school and at lunch. Also, I can always be reached at stephanie.canfield@asd20.org.

Mathematics: Mr. Hampton


Pre- Algebra 7: Students have finished their work with proportions and similarity and have started exploring three dimensional shapes. Students will build on what they learned last year about area and perimeter of two dimensional shapes. We will be exploring surface area and volume of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and cylinders. This unit will culminate with the “I have a shrinking feeling” project which is due on February 27th. Information for this project can be found under the “Documents and Forms” link on my webpage. www.asd20.org/ems/hampton

Algebra 1A: We will be continuing our focus on 7th grade math standards by working on geometry. Students will be working volume and surface of a variety of shapes. Students will also be completing the “I have a shrinking feeling” project.

Language Arts/Lit. & Comp.: Mrs. Harris


Language Arts: Students are continuing their study of medieval times through various historical fiction novels. These texts all take place between the years 1280 and 1306 in Medieval England and Scotland. It has been a lot of fun pulling from social studies to combine history and fiction together! Students are working in a workshop model to have group discussions about the book, complete enrichment activities, and continue their exploration of Greek and Latin roots and vocabulary.

Important Dates to Know for Language Arts:

-Multiple Intelligence Project #1 DUE on 2/22

-Multiple Intelligence Project #2 DUE on 3/11

-Essay DUE on 3/12

-Outside Reading Project DUE on or before 3/13

Lit and Comp: Students are just wrapping up their medieval historical fiction unit with the novel Catherine, Called Birdy. They will finish the quarter with a study of biographies and autobiographies. Students will get to pick a person from "modern" culture who made a significant and positive impact on the world, read their biography or autobiography, and participate in a number of projects all designed around the essential question "What makes a life significant?" To finish the unit, students will embody their person of study in a live wax museum with a prepared speech.

Important Dates to Know for Lit and Comp:

-CCB essays DUE 2/7

-Historical Fiction Outside Reading Book Talk DUE by 2/8

-Tombstone/Award DUE 2/21

-Facebook Page DUE 3/1

-Bio/Autobio essay DUE 3/14

-Bio/Autobio Outside Reading Book Talk DUE by 3/19