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By: Emma Coates

The Chicago Bears Hall of Fame Running Back

Who was the Chicago Bears Hall of Fame Running Back that went by the name of Sweetness? His name is Walter Payton and he was born on July 25, 1954 in Columbia, Mississippi. In High school he was in the school band, and he did track, and his personal record for the long jump was twenty-two feet and eleven and one-fourth inches. In collage he played football for Jackson State. He was the Chicago Bears first round choice and the forth player selected in 1975 NFL draft.

He played Running Back for the Bears, and his number was thirty-four. In his lifetime he won a lot of awards, like in 1977 and 1985 he won the NFL’S Most Valuable Player. He also won the NFL Offensive Player of The Year in 1977 and 1985. In 1977 he won the NFC’S Most Valuable Player of The Year, and he won other awards in his lifetime. Walter got married to Connie on July 7, 1976. Walter and Connie had two children named Jarrett and Brittney Payton. He won the Super Bowl in 1985 and later retired in 1987.

Walter got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993. He founded the Walter Payton Foundation for needy children, later after he retired. Walter became very ill in early 1999 with liver disease. Walter Payton died November 1, 1999 from his liver cancer at forty-five years old.

The Home of The Bears

Did you know that Soldier Field is home to the Chicago Bears? The original Soldier Field opened in 1924.The address is 425 East McFetridge, Chicago, Illinois 60605. The first football game there didn’t involve the Bears. The Bears didn’t play their home game until September 19, 1971.

They rebuilt the field and it got finished on January 19,2002. The carrying capacity of Soldier Field is 63,000. The cost was 9365 million dollars. Soldier Field was built by the Lohan Caprite Goettsch Architects and wood. The seats at Soldier Field are an average of thirty-seven feet closer to the action then other fields.

The opening game of the new Soldier Field was the Chicago Bears vs. The Green Bay Packers on September 29, 2003. Over the years at Soldier Field they hosted other things besides football, like stock car races, ski jump events, circus’s, bands, ect. Some of the world leaders in American history visited Soldier Field, like Franklin D. Roosevelt.

NFL Preseason Game

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 7pm

1410 Museum Campus Drive

Chicago, IL

Miami Dolphins vs Chicago Bears
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