Monday Message

From the desk of Dr. Harrell

January 25, 2021

Good Evening-

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. There are several thoughts or reflections I want to share today. First, last Monday, we recognized the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. On that Monday, I received an email from a friend sharing a quote from Dr. King, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" (1947). I wonder what he would share and say today; I imagine it would be a very similar statement. We must use this 'Why' now moment not to become weary but as a time to grow, strengthen, and seize the moment.

Second, as we begin each day, we must remember the 'Why' we do what we do. This weekend Morales Junior High hosted the first-ever virtual academic meet to come out of Uvalde and one of the first in the state. The staff dedicated themselves to create a virtual academic meet and decided if it was worth doing for our students, it was worth doing really well. The 'Why' in this scenario is MJH staff was determined to prepare and provide students with an outstanding opportunity and experience. The team developed and hosted an unforgettable, bar-setting event – Thank you, Morales Jr. High and district staff.

Third, I heard a presenter mention Maslow's Hierarchy of needs today. He shared that this pandemic has shown just how impactful, and in some cases, devastating the third level, belonging, love, and psychological needs, has been to people. To expand, this level also includes relationships, unconditional relationships, and the need for there to be humanity in times of difficulty. I encourage each one of you to be sure you check on your students, your co-workers, and your families during these stressful times. So many just need a 'Happy' check, not always a deadline check. Maybe you will become the 'Why' a student returns tomorrow, 'Why' a co-worker comes with a smile the next day, and 'Why' your family is happy to see you.

Jackie Robinson, another great man, states it very concisely:

A Life is not important except for the impact it has on other's lives.

U Become the 'Why.'

I Believe in ‘U’!

Dr. Harrell

Anthon Elementary

Ms. Velasquez' s Class Sandwich...

Students in Ms. Velasquez's Class read the story Carla's Sandwiches. This charming story presents a new way for young students to understand how to creatively embrace who they are, no matter what others think. Carla's lunch box is filled with odd sandwich delights. The story brings to light that "unusual" can actually be good! After the read students in Ms. Velasquez's class were challenged to create their very own delicious and creative sandwiches!

Batesville Elementary

The Batesville Library a Buzz with MLK Day Activities...

Dalton Elementary

Students Making Connections...

Dalton students are making connections virtually and in-person. The youngest students in the Coyote Nation are learning, making friends, and flourishing!

Flores Elementary

Analyzing Events.....

This week in Mrs. Arguello's dual-language social studies class, students analyzed the different events that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Students reviewed elements of fiction by reading "Nando y su Prioridades" and "Where the Red Fern Grows" during their SLAR and ELAR class time.

Morales JH

UIL Academics Hill Country Virtual Invitational Meet...

On Saturday, January 23rd Morales Junior High hosted the first UIL Academics Hill Country Virtual Invitational Meet. Ten schools participated from surrounding areas. The grade levels involved were 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. The competition window opened up on Wednesday and closed on Friday for all academic events. Speaking events were virtual on Saturday.

Isidro Escamilla, MJH Principal, Sandra Gonzales, the Director Enrichment & School Support, and Estela Morales, MJH UIL Coordinator helped organize the virtual meet. The MJH team of UIL Coaches rallied together and were able to make this a success. Ginavie Meyer created the virtual website, Jacob Mewhinney created the Google forms, and the rest of the team completed the individual tests for each event category they were responsible for.

Humberto Torres, assistant principal for MJH, assisted with the technological operation of the virtual meet and helped keep the invitational meet operating smoothly. Andrea Greathouse organized Google Slide decks for the different art competitions. Jesse Lara was responsible for the tally room operations as well as the grading room. Leslie Moreno jumped in and assisted to complete any last-minute details along the way. Jackelyn Torres was responsible for the ready writing and editorial writing portion.

There were numerous colleagues from the Uvalde High School UIL team and teachers from the elementary fine arts department that assisted with the background operations such as grading, tally room, and judging of art projects. In all, there was a total of 30 judges that included paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators, parents of administrators, and a school board member.

The team is still working on completing grading for editorial writing, ready writing, and spelling events. Competition placement and awards will be live-streamed on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 5 pm. This was the first virtual event made possible for students by the extraordinary teamwork of many!

Uvalde High School

UHS Business Professionals of America Represent the "U"...

On Saturday, January 23rd UHS Business Professionals of America under the leadership of Roy Torres represented Uvalde High School in a virtual competition. The following students participated virtually in the Area 2 Region 2 Business Professionals of America Competition and finished in their event:

Payton Dodson 2nd place Business Law and Ethics

Ryder Torres 4th place Intermediate Word Processing

Both students are State Qualifiers in their events. The Virtual Texas State Leadership Conference will be March 2-6, 2021, where students will compete against other students from around the state in their event!

UHS Powerlifting...

Uvalde Powerlifting competed in their first meet of the season on Saturday, January 23rd. Lobos won the meet with a first-place finish, and the Coyotes finished in 3rd place.

In the first meet of the season, 3 Lobos and 1 Coyote qualified for regionals. The next meet for the Uvalde Powerlifting team will take place in Somerset Friday, January 29th (Lobos) and Saturday, January 30th (Coyotes).

Congratulations Coach Gonzales and the Uvalde Powerlifting team!

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KVOU District Update

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