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April 12, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying Spring Break. I've heard from several families that it was really wonderful to relax a bit without overhead worries! I know I enjoyed some time in my pjs with my boys! There is a lot of information in this Colt Connection - please review it now and come back to it as needed.


Our teachers have been busy preparing materials for your students to stay engaged in their school work through the end of April. Some teachers are distributing paper materials, and those will be available for pick up for Wed., April 15th from the MPR doors.

  • 9-11 am: last name A-I
  • 11 am-1 pm: last name J-Z
  • 3-6 pm: open pick up

Your teacher will be in touch with you about if you need to pick up anything on this day. We will also be distributing Daddy Daughter Dance refunds.

A few reminders:

  • You must maintain social distance of 6 feet - please use the tape on the concrete as a guide
  • You must wear a mask or face covering, per Placer County directives
  • We are NOT collecting back any materials from students, we are only distributing materials out
  • Please be thoughtful and do NOT come to campus if you have not been feeling well
  • I will pass out materials to friends and families; but will only give Sweetheart Luau Dance ticket refunds to someone from the family
  • You are encouraged to send one adult to collect materials and not to bring your children to school (as much as I love them!)

There will be a final materials distribution day in May (date TBD) where we will distribute a final set of class materials for academic engagement, give back all materials from children's desks/cubbies, and distribute yearbooks that have been ordered. There will likely be a final push/pull in early June where we collect back math books from 5th grade and push out any last materials. We do NOT plan to collect back novels that went home. Our PTC is helping us out to repurchase novels so that we minimize any future risk.


It's very important that your family makes every effort to support your child to engage with their academic materials. We know it might not be perfect, and that is OKAY! But it's important that they stay engaged in reading, writing, and thinking mathematically - children will have been out of school for 5 months when we return in August! Every little thing we do now will help us help your child better in the fall.

In addition, if your child was absent from school unexpectedly for more than a few days, we (including me!) would be really worried about them. We'd be calling and checking in to be sure everything was okay. It's really essential that your child checks in with his/her teacher at least weekly through community or small group chats, or by engaging in activities like iReady, Google Classroom, Padlet, Flipgrid, etc... so that we have a better sense that things are okay. If you are having a hard time connecting to the resources your teacher has pushed out, please let your teacher know so we can figure out how to make it work for your family.

This is a tough time for families emotionally. We know that some of our families are struggling financially and/or with the forced separation from our friends and family. If you or your child needs something, please let us know how we can help you. There are also resources linked below that may be of help.


Just before Spring Break, our district made the decision to move us away from Zoom to using Google Meet because there is more security in the Meet platform. Please be patient with your teachers - this is a BIG change for them and they need to figure out how to use Meet (it's not exactly like Zoom). If you have any questions about the shift in platform, please let Jen know.

A REMINDER ABOUT TRI 3 GRADES (this is from Mr. Leaman's Daily Family Newsletter)

We fully comprehend the toll that learning at home is having on students, parents and teachers. We do not want students to suffer any more than they already are - loss of learning time at school is enough. To this end, below are the expectations we have regarding completion and grading of learning activities done at home.

  • Student grades/proficiency levels are being frozen, and reflect their standing at the time of the school closures (trimester 2 grades for elementary and quarter 3 grades for secondary).
  • Any activities completed moving forward can only improve student grades/proficiency levels.
  • Students’ failure to complete activities has a natural consequence as they will be unprepared moving to the next grade level/course. Our expectation is that students complete the activities to minimize the impact of the closures on their progress, but we also want families to know that students will not be negatively impacted via grades.
  • All elementary and middle school students will be promoted to the next grade. All high school students will receive full credit for coursework, provided they either had a passing grade prior to closure or improved their grade to passing via coursework completed during closure.
  • At the end of the day, we want students to try their very best to progress their learning in preparation for next year. Teachers are here to support the best they can.
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Need a Chromebook?

Our list is filling up fast! If your child needs a chromebook to access online resources from his/her teacher, please email with your request. Please be sure to list your child's name, grade level, and teacher in your email! I will respond to emails with a confirmation so you know if you are on the list.

Thank you to local grocers!

The biggest thanks to our local grocers Sprouts Farmers Market and Safeway Lincoln Hills for their generous donations of paper and plastic bags to help us organize student's materials to redistribute them back to you. We will do that in May - date is TBA.


Our District's elementary school psychology team has put together some wonderful resources for children, parents and our staff to help us navigate these unfamiliar times. Please visit:

Happily Family Online Session this Week!

Ms. St. John, our school psychologist, is hosting her monthly Happily Families session on Thursday, 4/16 at 6 pm via Google Meet. This This month's topic is Using Mindfulness to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions.

TO JOIN IN: there is a video associated with the presentation - you'll need to be on a computer with audio at minimum! Click on this link to join in!


Mindfulness helps us find a “still quiet place”, like the place between ourselves and our thoughts and feelings, or the space between stimulus and response. Dr. Amy Saltzman doesn’t just tell us about mindfulness, she shows us, by guiding us through a simple meditation–that could be used with toddlers through adults! We know that childhood is stressful, and parents are stressed too. Amy shows how to bring simple, scientifically backed practices to families to ease stress and difficult emotions.

Love & Logic - ideas to avoid battles over work completion!

This is from a company called Love & Logic that provides training to parents and teachers about how to build healthy relationships with kids. This is an excerpted quote from a recent newsletter:

Now that schools have closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, how can parents best help their children learn and complete work while avoiding counterproductive power struggles?

Much of the answer involves sharing control within the boundaries of firm yet loving limits. It’s an old concept made even more relevant by the current situation. Most of us feel that our lives have been turned upside down. We’re experiencing little or no control over so many things.

Do we all yearn for control? What happens when we feel like we’ve lost it?

Obviously our kids are also experiencing many difficult feelings, including a sense of losing much of their freedom. That’s why small choices around schoolwork represent one of the most powerful ways of minimizing the chaos during these already difficult times. Listed below are some examples. Please remember that the choices you provide will depend on your unique situation and value system.

  • Will you be starting your schoolwork now or in five minutes?
  • What do you want to start with? Math or reading?
  • Do you want to make a goal of working for 30 minutes before your break, or would 25 minutes be better?
  • Will you be doing your work while sitting or standing?
  • Do you think it would be best to draft something on pencil or paper… or begin your work directly on the computer?
  • Would you like my help or would you prefer working alone?
  • Do you want to learn in the kitchen or in the family room?
  • Will you be working while keeping your body still, or would you rather see how much you can wiggle while still getting it done?
  • Should we start with the hardest part first or the easiest?
  • Would you rather help me with chores or get started on your schoolwork?

The key to success with this technique involves remembering three things:

  1. Give most of your choices before your child becomes resistant… not after.
  2. With each choice provide two options, each of which you like.
  3. Be prepared to choose for your child if they don’t select an option you provided.

While these ideas can’t solve all of the parenting challenges we face right now, they’ll increase the odds of getting through each day with fewer power struggles.

Thanks for reading. Thanks also for all of your support during these challenging times!

For more information about Love & Logic, you can visit:

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LCES FAQs (updated on 4/12)

When can we pick up additional school engagement materials?

We will have a distribution of materials from the MPR on Wednesday, 4/15. Last names A-I from 9am-11am, last names J-K from 11am-1pm, and all names from 3-6 pm. Your teacher will be in touch with you to let you know if you need to pick up any materials. We’ll do another distribution in early May - date TBD!

Can I turn in the work my child has completed?

We are not collecting back work materials that we sent home. Your teacher may reach out to you in order to get pictures of materials and is likely engaging with your child in a digital format. Check in with your teacher if you need/want feedback on your child’s progress. We will collect back library books and 5th gr. math books, but will not collect back novels.

Is it important that my child participate in the activities my teacher is providing?

Although your child’s work will not be graded, participating in the activities/work that your teacher has prepared will help him/her to stay engaged and on track for next school year. We think it’s really important that your child is engaging in the school activities we have prepared, otherwise we wouldn’t send it home! Our #1 goal is to minimize busy work and to maximize productive time!

I’m worried about security on Zoom.

The district hears you and we are moving from using Zoom to using Google Meet for digital class meetings. We are all learning together, so please stay tuned and be patient!

What if I/my child just can’t do the’s all just too much!

We hear you! Everyone is in a different spot right now. Just let your teacher know if what you are getting is more than you can manage. It doesn’t matter why, but let us work together with you to find out how to make things work!

Why does my teacher keep trying to get in touch with me/my student?

If your child didn’t come to school for a week, we’d be really worried! That’s our job and our nature! To that end, we are really trying to connect with each child each week. Please help us do that! If you are having an issue that’s preventing your child from participating, just let us know so we can find a way to make it work for you!

When can I get the materials from my child’s desk/cubby and his/her yearbook?

We plan to have those materials available for pick up at our May distribution date. This is also when we are likely to collect back ukes (4th grade), library books, 5th gr. math books, etc… We are figuring out how to do that safely. We will not be collecting back class sets of novels (thanks to our PTC!). Watch for more details in late April.

The technology that we have at home isn’t enough.

There is another chromebook distribution date on 4/17. If your child needs a chromebook, email Mrs. Hladun at ASAP to get on the list! I'll email you back to confirm receipt and provide pick up details.

What about Fort Bragg?

Please see the email that the 5th grade teachers sent out on Friday, 4/3.

What about other field trips?

All field trips will be cancelled for this school year. Some refunds will be distributed on 4/15; other refunds will hopefully come out later this spring from our District Office - stay tuned.

What about Sweetheart Luau Dance ticket funds?

Our PTC has all the funds that were collected and will be distributing refunds. They will be distributed on Wed., 4/15.

I have more unanswered questions!

Contact your teacher (after 4/13!) with any classroom related questions. Contact Mrs. Hladun anytime with any school or ‘big picture’ questions. I’ll be checking email every day ( and I’m always available on my cell phone (702 324 6884 - text is always best!).

Virtual Spirit Days

This week, we are running a virtual spirit week - the weather will be beautiful! Let's see your best outdoor art projects! You can view our padlet here:

You can send pictures to Mrs. Hladun via email (, link them to social media posts, or text them to Mrs. Hladun at 702 324 6884. Some folks have created a login to padlet to add their own pictures, too.

Past virtual spirit day boards:

Being In Touch - weekdays from Mr. Leaman

Communication will come from Mr. Leaman every afternoon via School Messenger email - if you aren't getting them, let Mrs. Hladun know (!!!

Being in Touch - big info from Mrs. Hladun as needed

I'll send out communications as needed - at minimum on Sundays and additionally based on need. Anytime I send something big out via School Messenger, you can also find it:

  1. on our website front page (
  2. via a notification to check for communication via Facebook
  3. via a notification to check for communication via Instagram
  4. via a notification to check for communication via Twitter
  5. via a notification to check for communication via our school app.

You can get info on all of those communication tools at the bottom of this (and every) newsletter.

Being in Touch - daily on Social Media

Daily, Mrs. Hladun is posting on social media (Facebook, Insta & Twitter):
  1. readings - a story for primary learners, and a chapter(s) from The Secret Garden and The Lightening Thief - found on YouTube - search for Jennifer Hladun/look for the LCES logo; all of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is also on YouTube
  2. a fun thing to check out
All of that is just for fun and is my way of connecting with your child/ren.

Please also stay in touch with your teachers - they are trying all kinds of new platforms to connect with your child! Learn with us!

The LCES Office - this week

Mrs. Hladun is working everyday, but not always at the school site. If you see the orange cone in front of the office, then I am here. It's always better to call than coming into the office (#socialdistancing) at 916 434-5292. If you need something urgently, please, please email Mrs. Hladun or text me anytime at 702 324-6884.
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