Czech Republic

by Kayla McCree

Country basics

My country is Czech Republic. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague, The meaning behind the flag is that it is an identical to the flag of the former Czechoslovakia. The countries it's on is Europe and the continent that it's on is Poland Slovak , Austria and Germany. The type of government that Czech Republic have is parliament are democracy. Export machinery and transport equipment raw mater also fuel chemicals transport machinery and transport equipment,raw materials and fuels, chemical. Czech (official ) 95.4% Slovak 1.60/0 other 3%(2011 census). Roman Catholic 10.4% protestant include Czech Brethren, and Hus site 1.1% other and unspecified, by% none 34.5% (2011est). The basis of meals is usually meat. Temperate, cool summers, cold, clod, humid. We have the same foods like pork and beef.


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