Holocaust Medical Experiments

Freezing and Resurection

One of the many experiments Nazi doctors performed was to freeze Jews and then try to resuscitate them. They went about freezing the people by putting them outside naked, or put them in an icy vat of water, until they lost consciousness or even died. Then they would take them and put them under heat lamps that burned their skin, or putting burning water in their internal organs. The most successful things was to put the people in a warm bath and slowly heat the water up.

Genetic Experiments

Dr. Menegele did many experiments based on genetics. He did things ranging from injecting chemicals into the eyes to change their color, blood transfusions, sex-change operations, and isolation endurance between twins. Dr. Menegele even tried to create siamese twins by sewing two twins back to back and connecting their organs and blood vessels.

Bone Grafting

Nazi doctors performed many bone grafting experiments. They would sever the leg at the hip bone or the arm at the shoulder of perfectly healthy people and remove both the bone and muscles. Then the severed limbs and muscles would be transferred to another person to see if they could successfully transplant or regenerate. The outcome of this was often death or mutilation.


Nazis tried to find the best way to sterilize as many people at once. One of the ways they tried was through injection of iodine and silver nitrate. This method was time consuming and led to cancer in many people, so they tried to find a better way. They filled rooms with radiation and had patients fill out useless forms. They could sterilize many people at once through this method and they didn't even know there was something happening. By using this method, they sterilized over 400,000 individuals.

High Altitude

Many doctors tried to find ways to save German soldiers that were forced to eject by experimenting on inmates. They did this by putting the inmates into a low oxygen chamber the simulated being 68,000 feet in the air. Most of the people passed out and died, and Dr. Rascher would dissect the people's brains while they were still alive, to find the cause of high-altitude sickness. There were 200 people in the experiments and 80 died due to the sickness, and the others were executed.

Treatment Methods

Nazis also tried to simulate many injuries that would commonly happen to German soldiers. They would wound inmates and inject foreign things like dirt, bacteria, and glass. They would then try different methods of treatment to find the best ways to heal them.

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