The Vaccination Debate

Why Pokes are Important

What are parents concerned about?

This hot button issue causes parents to take sides with strong feelings one way or another. Basically, the debate is whether children should be vaccinated or not. Parents who believe in vaccinations believe that they save children's lives, protect communities against disease outbreak, and believe that while there are side effects, those side effects are rare ("Vaccines"). At the same time, there is a group of anti-vaxxers that believes that vaccines cause dangerous side effects, mandatory vaccines infringes on parents' rights, and that vaccines contain harmful ingredients ("Vaccines".

What is a vaccine? How does it work?

Definition of Vaccines

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Why Now?

Why are vaccines in the news now? The answer is simple. Measles. Recently, there has been a huge measles outbreak in the United States ("Measles Cases and Outbreaks"). This disease had largely been eradicated, until a new movement of anti-vaxxer parents came on the scene. According to the CDC...
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The BIG Question: Are vaccines more harmful than beneficial to children?

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