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Mrs. Jefferson

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September 10, 2015

VIP Folders & Newsletters

Today's VIP Folder should include:

  1. Scholastic Order Forms - Please make checks payable to "Scholastic" or use our class online code: DVFVH by Friday, 9/18/2015.
  2. Progress Reports - Please sign and return on tomorrow.
  3. Graded papers - Please keep at home.

Literacy & Social Studies w/ Mrs. Jefferson

For the first few weeks of school, reading instruction mainly focused on reading for meaning and revisiting the various strategies readers can use to figure out unknown words they encounter when reading independently. This week, our historians began trying out the "close reading" strategy with informational texts about Abraham Lincoln's assassination and the Reconstruction time period. Here are the steps I modeled and they began to try out:

  1. Read the text once to get an understanding of how it flows.
  2. Reread and identify unknown words. Use strategies to figure out their meanings.
  3. Reread; build meaning with what you do know; annotate your thoughts and questions, and underline key vocabulary.
  4. Determine the gist or the main idea of the text.

Reading closely is a very effective way to achieve deep comprehension, and it will help your child gain more meaning when reading informational texts. We will continue to practice this as they continue to encounter more complex texts.

During Writer's Workshop, we are living as poets. First, we immersed ourselves with reading "I Am From" poems. Next, we noticed and named the characteristics of this type of poem. Then, the students worked together to create a rubric for how they wanted their poems to sound and look. Throughout the week, we've been drafting our poems and giving each other constructive feedback. Today, students will share their poems with the class and use their rubrics to self assess. I must say working with your children as they created their poems has been a delightful experience! This process has given us an opportunity to uncover a lot more about each other while celebrating our differences!


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