A Noble Crew for a Daring Expedition!

Who is Leading the Quest?

Henry Hudson is an acclaimed adventurer and is looking for a mighty crew. Not only will they share his fame and fortune, but they will find a Northern route to Asia and change the world as we know it! Everyone is joining... why not you?

Where are we Going?

This marvelous mission will take us on a trek finding a Northern route to Asia! Not only will we be acclaimed for this journey, but we will also find new worlds to explore!

Brave Expedition!

Friday, June 12th 1609 at 5:45am

Henry Hudson's Ship

- Come ready for adventure!

- Come ready for peril!

- Come ready for fortune!

- Tell your friends!

- NOTE: Mutiny is frowned upon and will result in walking the plank.


- Board ship

- Assign jobs

- Eat

- Finish jobs

- Free time

- Eat

- Lights out

By: John Frakes and Garrin Jackson