Mustang Monthly

September 2020, Vol. 2 Issue 1

A Note From Our Nurse

Dear students and families,

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited that the school is open and students are here. The health and safety of all students and staff remains our priority so you may notice that many things have changed or are being done differently this year. One change includes how you can see the nurse if you are not feeling well. If you need to see the nurse throughout the school day for any reason, please alert your teacher and they will contact the nurse. The nurse will meet you outside of your classroom. You will not be reporting to the nurse’s office unless directed to do so.

Students are reminded that they will have their temperature checked every morning upon arrival to school. Please report directly to your first period before going anywhere else in the building. Don’t forget your mask or face shield. The mask/facial covering or shield must cover your nose and mouth at all times throughout the school day unless on a mask break. If you happen to forget a mask or your mask becomes soiled or torn throughout the school day, there are extras available in the main office or you can ask your teacher to contact the nurse.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy school year. Don’t forget to wash your hands and keep smiling from behind your mask!


Mrs. Davis

WPHS Nurse

New Changes New Year

This school year is definitely different from others. From ending last year fully cyber, to starting this year with a hybrid schedule, and moving to the full face to face learning model, it is something that we are all going through together. The hybrid schedule allowed students to return face to face on an every other day rotating basis. At West Perry High School, there are plenty of new initiatives being put into place around the building.

One of the main changes that impacts the students is the new learning management system known as Schoology. I haven’t met many people that are sold just yet. One junior claims “’s confusing and has many faults.”

Another change that students are dealing with is the new lunch policy. To abide by social distancing guidelines, WPHS students are eating lunch in classrooms as opposed to the cafeteria.

Students are getting used to entering a classroom filled with wet desks. Teachers are spraying down each desk at the end of the period to prevent the spread of germs. Along with that, to help social distance student desks are in rows and spaced out.

Many students are still unsure about masks. Many of them have the same complaints, one of the biggest being how masks make it harder to catch a breath after going up the stairs, or walking down the hall. Along with the negatives, students are recognizing the positive side of masks. WPHS student, Madison Weary, has her own opinion as to why she is, “Pro mask”. It “keeps me safe.” As a community we need to be mindful of others practices and beliefs during this time.

This school year is going to be drastically different from previous years, but we will do what we have to do to remain in the face to face learning model. Staff and students are happy to see the halls filled again with their coworkers and peers. So, welcome back Mustangs...oh, and mask up!

Meet the New Staff at West Perry High School

Mrs. Barber: Counseling Center

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Did you have a job in a school prior to this one, if not where was it?

I worked at Carroll Elementary as an office aid.

What made you choose this job?

I was looking for more money, here at the high school I work an hour longer a day, and have 10 more work days in the year.

Favorite/ Least favorite things about this job?

My favorite thing is working with the counselors and my least favorite thing is to disappoint students.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy cooking and baking. I also like spending time with my family and playing with my dog.

What is something that people may not know about you or find surprising?

Before I started working in schools, I got my real estate license, but then I found out it was not really for me.

Is there anything you want the WP Staff/ Student to know about you?

My door is always open!

Mr. Bizzle: Science Department

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Tell me something about yourself that no one would expect to know about you.

I have a passion for bowling and I am a member of the PBA.

Why did you choose to work at West Perry?

There’s a sense of family, and because I subbed here, I am familiar with the students. The administration is also very friendly and welcoming making it an easy transition. In addition to that, I am a part of the community so there is a sense of familiarity.

In previous years, what's one thing that made you have a desire to teach?

When I was in school, I would tutor students and volunteer as much as possible. Out of school I would help coach, and most recently I subbed at West Perry. So overall I just had a passion for working with people and helping students.

What’s one piece of advice for us students?

Always ask questions and expand your knowledge everyday. Also the old Nike slogan “Work hard, Play hard.” So basically to keep balance in life. For those who work all the time, don't be afraid to have fun and enjoy life. But for those who always play or mess around in life, there are times when you need to get serious and work. Keep the balance.

What's your favorite aspect of teaching?

I love teaching the kids and just being around them, and the fact that I learn from them as well. They think differently so I'm always learning new ideas and perspectives.

Mrs. Hillmuth: Art Department

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Why did you come to West Perry?

I live in the district so it is much closer.

Where was your previous job?

I taught K-4 art at Sylvan Heights in Harrisburg.

In your previous job I learned you taught kindergarten through fourth grade, what made you want to teach high schoolers?

I always wanted to teach high schoolers and the job was open and closer to home.

What's the biggest difference between teaching in a rural setting compared to an urban setting

When I worked in Harrisburg, I was teaching elementary so the age level and demographic made the environment very different. West Perry is a rural population while Harrisburg is urban. There were a lot of negative student behaviors on a daily basis.

If you could have any superpower what would you want?

Flying, it seems really cool.

What's your favorite type of art to teach?

Printmaking and ceramics

Who got you inspired to do art?

My elementary art teachers

Did you enter your art into any shows/competitions?

At my college we did a senior exhibit and we had an annual faculty show.

Mr. Hoffman: Vice Principal

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What made you want to become a vice principal at West Perry High School?

It has been a career progression, I have had many other jobs at schools that made me want to follow up as a Vice Principal.

What is your favorite thing so far about being vice principal at West Perry?

My favorite thing so far is being involved with the virtual academy. I hope to be able to go out of my office and interact with students in the hallways, and to visit classrooms.

What is a strength you carry forward with this job?

I feel as if I carry a lot of diversity and experience because I have had jobs in the past that dealt with the discipline, education and athletics side of things.

What are some tough responsibilities you have with your job as vice principal?

I am learning how to wrap my head around things that West Perry's last vice principal, Mrs. Jones did. Once I learn how things were done before, I will move forward and bring my own ideas into it.

Who is your favorite football team?

For college football, I like to watch Notre Dame. Then for the NFL, I root for the Seattle Seahawks. Then of course, the West Perry Mustangs for the High school team. In addition, I also have heart for Trinity football because I am continuing my coaching career there.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to spend time with my family a lot outside of work. I have 6 children so they keep me busy. We have a garden, so gardening at the house is something that I enjoy too. Sitting around the fire on our patio is something we all love to do too.

Mrs. Reisinger: Office Staff

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Since you were a graduate from West Perry, what made you want to work here? The environment was nice and I enjoyed being a student here so I assumed it would be good to work here too.

What changes do you see from when you were a student here?

Two major changes were renovations and teachers.

How has Covid-19 affected your job? Very difficult because I have to keep track and make sure everyone is here on the days they are supposed to be with the A and B schedule.

What was your dream job as a student?

I wanted to be a social worker and I originally went to school for that but I changed my mind and wanted more of an office setting.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

I enjoy camping and spending lots of time with my new puppy.

Counseling Center Chatter:

Be sure to remain physically, emotionally, and mentally strong as we continue to make Fall 2020 more normal. School is a safe place to come, to grow, to learn. Seek out support from WP Staff if needed, we are here to help.

Remember to check in with your counselor about college applications if you are planning to apply. Applications should go out by Thanksgiving.

Sports News

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to the West Perry Athletics YouTube channel! We have reached our goal of 1,000 subscribers, so we are now able to live stream sporting events.

This is the channel link: Simply log in with your Google Account, and please encourage students to do the same. This has the potential to allow us to stream more than just sporting events, so please assist in supporting our student athletes and coaches.

West Perry Athletics Return

This school year fall sports have been modified immensely due to the guidelines created with the current Covid-19 pandemic. The start of all fall sports seasons had been pushed back which caused all fall sports teams to have games, matches, and meets cut from their schedules.

Now that fall sports are underway there are modifications being made to help prevent the spread of Covid during games. Parents are unsure if they will be able to watch their kids participate. Governor Tom Wolfe has set a maximum amount of 250 spectators allowed at outdoor events and 25 at indoor events.The Mid Penn conference has decided they will not send visiting team spectators to make it more manageable for home team schools to decide how they want to stay below the limits.

Masks must be worn for the duration of all sporting events. Student athletes also have to wear masks at all times while in the locker room, on the sidelines or bench area, and on the bus rides to and from our school to the visiting schools. Social distancing has been implemented on the bus rides as well, sitting one player per seat when possible. Student athletes seem to have mixed opinions. Football player Seth Rosenberry said, “I would much rather wear the masks and have a season than risk getting it taken away”. Another student athlete commented, ”I feel like the mask doesn't do anything and is just another thing I have to remember to bring to practice and games”.

Athletic director, Ryan Anderson, was asked if it had been difficult to make schedules with the Covid Guidelines in place. He responded with “Yes, with the seasons being condensed, I was rushed to set up games, check dates, and make sure the playing field was not already occupied. Tasks I had previously finished in early August, I was still struggling to finish in early September”.

With the 2019 spring sports season being canceled nearly 6 months ago, the student athletes of West Perry are ready to finally get back to the competition.

From a Band Member’s Perspective: How COVID-19 has affected Marching Band

With a new and colorful show and a few extra feet between us, the Mustang Marching Band is back in action! This year’s show, titled Over the Rainbow, is one that students and staff alike have put a lot of work into since we first came together again in August. Featuring songs from John Lennon, Elton John, and Broadway, it’s a show that hopes to bring a bit of color into today’s gloomy world. While the season has been similar to those from past years, there have been a few obvious changes.

Like most extracurricular activities, all marching band members have to get their temperatures taken and answer the screening questions before they are allowed to practice. There is also the obvious inclusion of masks and social distancing. Another, non-Corona related, change is the lack of a drum major this year. The drum major is usually a senior or upperclassmen appointed by the band director to be the band’s student leader and, most importantly, the conductor. This year, due to the small size of the band, Mr. Wieseman has decided to keep all of his upperclassmen on the field and forgo the drum major. This isn’t a new concept for marching bands, as many bands don’t have a drum major and instead rely on their percussion section for tempo. The same goes for West Perry. Instead of a drum major, our battery percussion will act as our metronome and Mr. Wieseman will conduct when needed.

Another huge change? Virtual competitions! Instead of travelling to in person competitions this year, our band (and bands across the country) will record our show each week as it improves and send the video in for review. While it does mean we can’t travel to different schools and meet other bands, we are given the opportunity to perform on our own field and have better control over our performances. It also allows us to compete against bands not just on the east coast, but all across the country!

Members of the marching band, especially our band director Mr. Wieseman, are working harder than ever to make sure that our show doesn’t fall behind. Nothing can stop the Mustangs from marching down that yellow brick road!

Election Coverage 2020

Who are the two presidential candidates? The Republican presidential candidate is Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate is Joe Biden.

What are some of the changes President Trump would put into motion? Trump's plan is to create 10 million new jobs within 10 months of being re-elected. Also Trump plans to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). Trump plans on creating 1 million new small businesses. If Trump is re-elected he plans on developing a Covid-19 Vaccine by the end of 2020 and then return to normal by 2021. He also plans to gain supplies in case of future pandemics.

What are some things Vice President Biden would do if he were to be elected? Biden plans to make corporations and wealthy Americans pay their fair share in taxes. Biden will not make a person making under $400,000 a year pay any more in taxes than they have too. Biden also plans on providing tax relief to middle class families due to Covid-19. Biden also plans to lower the unemployment rate and start helping men and women start to recover from Covid-19. Biden will enlist the help of people to help fight the pandemic. Biden plans to mobilize ingenuity to build a new infrastructure and a future with clean energy.

Election Day is right around the corner. Be heard. Vote!

Register To Vote

Voting season is soon approaching, but it’s not too late to vote! The deadline to apply is October 19, 2020. The 2020 national election day is November 3, 2020. Follow these steps to register to vote and help shape your country’s future.

  1. First, visit to begin registering to vote.

  2. Second, select “Register To VOTE” along the top of the page.

  3. Next, click “Register to VOTE” Online.

  4. After that, fill out the form. The questions are about personal information, place of residence, eligibility to vote, and political party.

  5. Then, submit the form by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form.

  6. Finally, watch the mail for when the voter card comes. It may take a few weeks.

When asked about the importance of voting, WPHS Civics teacher Mrs. Chronister had this to say: "We have a government that is to work FOR the people -- our government doesn't work well unless we, the American voters, participate as informed voters. The United States government is what it is today because of voter apathy that spans decades. Want to change the direction we are headed as a society/nation? Then we as individuals need to start doing our part to be informed, active voters at all levels. And, we need to put country above party. Always."

It is not too late to make your mark in the 2020 election.

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