Winston & O'Brien


When O’Brien called Winston the “last human,” he meant it in the sense that Winston would always have emotions like the proles. The proles in this book will always be at the bottom of the chain, they are allowed porn, feelings, and music, etc. We, you and I, see as nonchalant items are seen as an untouchable because that is what the proles are allowed. You and I are humans, and we are allowed feelings, feeling that Winston said he would never give up, thus making him the “last human.” Winston hopes that someday (soon) the proles will realize what is in front of them and will revolt and defeat the party. (Although the proles would never because they already have everything.)


Whether or not O’Brien is a victim or a villain or not is matter of opinion. O’Brien, in my opinion, is both, a victim and a villain. O’Brien is seen as this big, bad guy because he is torturing Winston so he is automatically seen as the villain. No one stops to think that maybe O’Brien was tortured just as Winston is being tortured. He was simply brainwashed (the victim) into being the villain. He shows remorse towards Winston when Winston is out of consciousness, and whispers words of encouragement. Although, he does show how cynical he can be when he smiles (and almost takes pride in how much hurt he can bring upon Winston) when he tortured Winston in chapter 4.