Water Woes

By: Olivea, Hannah and Aliyah



Notebook Designer: Olivea

Visual Display Coordinator: Olivea, Aliyah

Presentation Coach: Aliyah and Hannah

Project Manager: Hannah


We brainstormed options that would work good for our Liberty Garden. We all came up with solutions that we thought would work. Olivea's idea was the one we chose. These are the ideas we came up with:

1) Run pipes from all 4 gutters into the cistern with sub or drip irrigation.

2) Same as the first but with 2 gutters.

3) Use a rain chain that runs into the cistern and use sprinkle irrigation.

We pick number 3 as our final design.



North Dakota: Inches: 17.8

Millimeters: 452

Rank: #43


Fargo: Inches: 22.58 in.

Fall: 1.33 in. Winter: 0.87 in.

Spring: 2.69 in.

Summer: 2.64 in.


Rainfall: 18 Inches

Snowfall: 31.1 Inches

Precipitation Days: 77/365

Sunny Days: 201/365

Average July High: 82°F

Average January Low: -3.8°F

UV Index: 3.1

Elevation: 1,806 ft.

Plot in the Garden

The part of the garden we are going to be working with is the dill, onions, flowers.
Our original idea was to have a gutter system that looked like this:
Big image


When we got the feedback from our peers, we thought about the price, so instead of using pipes we used chains and the rain can flow down them to the rain barrel. Only using one gutter instead of four gutters. We are going to use sprinkle irrigation, so we will get a watering can and hose to water the garden by hand. We lowered the cost, got how we will the chains on, chosen what irrigation to use.

Then we talked to Monique from NDSU and she suggested that we use "rain chain"
Big image
Rain Chain


  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to replace if something goes wrong


  • Chains could rust or break
  • The pressure might not be strong enough to water the garden

*Without the hose and watering can which we already have the cost will be: $83.87