from code to code to telegraph to telegraph


the Telegraph

By: Samuel Morse

when it was in invented & where

When year 1838

Where place Boston Massachusetts

what it is and how it works.

The telegraph wased wires similar to the telephone,but it dose not use speech,message were sent to place to another by use an short or long electical signal. The electrical on/off switch are called dashes and dots. You can tell what it says by the clicking sounds of marks on the prorts of paper.

Impact on American Society then and now


the history of moden commuication was forever changed by Samuel Morse's telegraph.In the early 19th century whil the improvement in the field of ecetronic enabled scientist esnd more ease over a ong distent like for Boston to NY


we use it to send colds and to plan are acts on are emiens.It helps develop a better comation ove long distions today.It also inspired to halp make the telephone.