August Newsletter

Team Purse~onality

Look Who's Partying! WooHoo!!

Congratulations on your Monthly Personal Volume!!

Tia Dee ~ $1,056

Janine Emerick ~$47

Cindy Heim ~ $1,312

Julie Kritikos ~$1,735

Becky Rudolph ~ $1,230

Krystal Schrum ~$0

Total Number of Parties

Tia Dee ~ 2 Party

Janine Emerick ~ 0 Parties

Cindy Heim ~ 4 Parties

Julie Kritikos ~ 3 Parties

Becky Rudolph ~ 2 Party

Krystal Schrum ~ 0 Parties

Congratulations to these Startswell Earners!

Janine Emerick ~ Startswell #2

$1,000 + Party Club

No $1,000 Parties this month but FALL is going to Rock!!

Welcome to the Team!!

No new consultants in August but I am hoping that we can all add a new recruit to this really awesome company!! Make sure that you are sharing the Fall for You Incentive with all your family, friends, hostesses and customers!! Because it really is more than just selling bags!!

Team Purse~onality Stats

Personal PV ~$1,808.00

# Parties ~ 3 Parties

G0 Team Sales ~ $7,188

G0 Team Parties ~ 14 Parties

# in G0 ~ 6

As a consultant I made $452 , but because I chose Leadership my paycheck was $667.64. This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you the BENEFITS of Leadership!!

More Benefits of Leadership

~Sense of Accomplishment

~Personal Growth

~Opportunities to earn extra income & bonuses

~Part of the companies Elite Group

~Opportunity to attend special leader events; leadership retreats, director day at conference, leaders banquet at conference, leadership incentive trip

~Received information before the rest of the field

~Opportunity to help others be successful

~Plus, many more

Work smarter not harder, Offer the opportunity to everyone!

Check out the Career Path on (tot)

Future Dates ~ Mark your Calendars


1 Our Fall Catalog debuts today. Celebrate with a Catalog launch party!

1 Home Office closed for Labor Day.

1 *Email to U.S. Customers: We’ll be sending an email to get your Customers excited for the new season!

2 New (TOT) is live!

4 *Email to U.S. Customers: We’ll share all the details about the September monthly special!

8 *Email to past U.S. Hostesses: We’ll let them know about the Retro Metro Hostess Special and encourage them to book a party with you!

8 *Email to U.S. Customers who have never hosted: We’ll promote the Hostess Special and encourage them to host a party with you!

9 *Email to U.S. Customers without a Consultant: We’ll let them know how easy it is to connect and view the new Fall Catalog.

10 *Email to at-risk Consultants: We’ll help them get their business back on track!

10 *Email to U.S. upper-level leaders: We’ll notify them of at-risk Consultants on their team.

12 *Email to U.S. Customers who purchased utility totes: We’ll promote the September special, the NEW All-Day Organizing Tote.

15 *Email to U.S. Customers: Spirit is back in a big way this season! We’ll promote the versatility of the Spirit Collection.

17 Check your email inbox for October Inspire.

18 *Email to U.S. Customers without a Consultant: We’ll let them know how easy it is to connect, plus share 100+ items for $20 or less!

21-28 Time to hit the beach – it’s our Leadership Incentive Trip!

23 *Email to U.S. Customers: We’ll send them more details about the Fall for Us Opportunity Incentive!

30 Last chance to recruit! The Fall for Us Opportunity Incentive ends today.

*The Home Office will be celebrating, encouraging and rewarding your Customers and fellow Consultants with four to six emails per month. These emails are sent on your behalf so you can focus on partying! Plus, it’s simple to follow-up with your Activity Report. These emails will help you to build connections, increase your bookings and grow your business!

Business Tips

~Check TOT daily (

~Monthly Specials

~How to Market "month" tab (fliers, lins, pics)

~This business is growing FAST! This is the best way to know what's going on

~Check on the Team Purse~onlity page and/or Team Holcomb FB page daily

~Subscribe to the monthly auto-ship for your monthly fliers

~New Consultants ~ you can keep track of your startswell by using the tracker found in your virtual office ( under the incentives tab)

A Note from your Director

With the new Fall catalog starting today and the Fall for you Incentive until September 30th there are so many possibilities!! Fall is the best selling season to earn a little extra money to help with higher bills due to the cold weather and also Christmas is right around the corner! If you need any guidance or help please reach out to me!