If you can foster MORGAN, contact: Mary Scopp at or 262-782-0689

Morgan is a 6 year old tricolor newly neutered male rough collie located currently in Illinois. He was previously owned by a puppy mill breeder located in Missouri. The breeder was working with a fellow rescuer to place many of his dogs in rescue. The rescuer packed as many of them in her car as she could. Thank goodness she took the collies that night. They would have been killed by the breeder if she did not take them. The breeder had a hole already dug to bury any of the dogs that were not taken.

He is up to date on vetting, including vaccinations, fecal/deworming, has had a dental cleaning with extractions, is negative for tick bourne diseases, has had front line applied, etc....

He keeps his kennel pretty clean but did have one urinary accident. He should be able to learn house training and crate training fairly easily.

He is very skittish and should initially be considered a flight risk until he feels comfortable. He is very sweet, but scared of the changes that are going on in his life. Moving slowly and taking care not to startle him at first would be appropriate.

He is good with other dogs. It is unknown how he would be with kids and cats.