Staff Meeting Tuesday 12/9

Differentiated Instruction


  • Define Differentiated Instruction and discuss strategies for implementation

Preparation for 12/9

Each staff member should read this link. School Groups have been assigned an additional link to read/watch. Know that you are not limited to the link your group is assigned and feel free to take a look at what other groups are reviewing. There are some interesting links out there. Also, please note that due to formatting some web links may need to be printed out to be read and disregard comments sections as they are rarely written in by the author themselves and are not edited for reliability. The School Group lists are at the bottom of this document in case anyone can't remember which group they're in. Please review the links and prepare to discuss these questions in your groups.

  • What is Differentiated Instruction?
  • How do I Differentiate my instruction?
  • How does DI give students what they need?
Rick Wormeli
There is a video embedded in this link the discusses latice math. It is not necessary for you to watch the video but to read the text for this staff meeting.
Carol Tomlinson on Differentiation: Connecting Kids and Content
Rick Wormeli Talks DI & Creativity
Getting Started on Differentiated Instructions

School Groups

Group 1

Betsy Memmolo

Diane Farnell

Carmen Reed

Nancy Delew

Mike Quimby

Lauren Young

Group 2

Courtney Allard

Holly Drazen

Anne Silvius

Leslie Woodard

Anne Smith

Diane Ellis

Group 3

Heather Larochelle

Susan Goyette

Suanne Nader

Sarah Brown

Kathy Mosowitz

Dotti Balon-Frost

Group 4

Sara Blanch

Jon Rheault

Erin Chinni

Colleen Kennedy

Pauline Pichette

Dean Farmer

Group 5

Joanne McGee

Sandra Mack

Stella Skoropowski

Marilyn Sullivan

Vicky Stickney

Jen Sweeney

Lindsay Ball

Group 6

Judi Lynch

Stefanie Morash

Kathy Wuorio

Kathy Horohoe

Meredith Jackes

Kayla Guiffrida

Group 7

Lindsay Ross

Kate Dolan

Pat Slozak

Katie Lesieur

Ellen Hay-Stone

Karen Kearney

Group 8

Lynn Peters

Shannon Rheault

Pat Corf

Barbara Gosselin

Dan Wrubleski

Madeline Cashman

Nancy Winter

Group 9

Julie Maloney

Katie Miller

Marisa Keshigian

Stacey Gilcreast

Mary Coppinger

Group 10

Kelly Sarbaugh

Jean Sand

Maribeth Coltin

Anna Cook

Patty Murphy

Kelly Cowan

Tony Defrancesco