MB's Class News!

February 11, 2017

Another Whirlwind Week!

The snow just keeps coming doesn't it?!?!?! We certainly were excited and happy with the Patriot's Win!!!!! Lots of snack talk all week long about the amazing game. I am going to continue to use these Smore digital flyers, as the first one I sent out last week received 53 views! WOOT WOOT! Due to all the snow related, "school time together", changes last week, the class did not have the chance to update our weebly website, but we WILL do it this week, before vacation, for sure! On with the classroom news...

During Daily 5 CAFE time we discussed the Expand Vocabulary strategy Voracious Reading and reviewed the Accuracy strategy Skip the Word and Then Come Back using the book The Humongous Burp. We discussed the word voracious, and how if you are voracious and just can't get enough reading, then you will read more interesting words, and be able to use them in your speaking and writing also. Students continue to meet with me, MB, and award their new good fit book. Several students have taken a photo of their good fit book, and used the audio feature on See Saw to record themselves reading a few pages of their book. Many thanks to Josiah for all of his help with this. By Friday, Feb. 17th, everyone will have their new Good Fit Book posted. How exciting! Make sure to check it out. Just in case you need it, a copy of the each student's QR code for their See Saw page will be arriving home again this coming week. Please check it out and comment on your child's page. Many thanks to the folks who signed up last week!!!

The class also made their Valentine holders on Wed. STWEAM Day and finished them up wIth Grammy Chabot's help on Friday. Photos of the holders are serving as a family Valentine, which may also be found on your child's See Saw page. Instead of waiting for the QR code you may also sign up and access your child's See Saw by following this:

Click on https://app.seesaw.me/s/919-034-791 to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds.

I will receive a notification to approve you and any comments you make. Such an awesome app!!!

During writing workshop the students viewed and discussed a few videos about Informational Writing and topic sentences/introductions. Students then met in smaller groups to begin writing success criteria for the learning intention: I can write a topic sentence. The success criteria pretty much lists everything the student should do to be successful with writing a topic sentence. We will complete the success criteria this coming week and then write success criteria for these learning intentions: I can write detailed facts about a topic, and I can write a concluding statement/conclusion. Students will be writing to the prompt "How do animals use their body parts to survive?" a final time. Students have already written an answer to this prompt at the beginning of our STWEAM days study using the book series "What if you Had Animal...?". This foundation in informational writing will also be practiced and worked on during our upcoming Dinosaur Research Project and AMAZING LIFE SIZED MODEL creations!

During word study students continue to study the six different syllable types, listen to clues about words and answer questions about syllables, word parts, and phonics rules, as well as brain map those words using their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modes to spell the words. Then students have the chance to practice spelling at Word Study 4 by practicing words one of twelve ways at Words by Self, practicing sight words at Words with Someone, and Word Tech, and focused practice on a specific syllable, grammar, or phonics rule at Word Project. This round students are working on Rr controlled syllables at Word Project.

At Words By Self, first graders are practicing vowel consonant silent e words, and second graders are practicing D syllable words with the long Aa vowel Dipthongs -ai and -ay. For Word Tech students continue to work on spelling sight words with the amazing app Sight Words: Kids Learn by Teacher Created Materials.

Stay warm during the upcoming snow storms!

Reminder: Multi Age Jump a Thon this Tuesday the 14th beginning at 1:15 in the gym. Join us if you can!

Students will be passing out Valentine's brought from home, on Feb. 14th, and enjoying a Valentine's Day Food Buffet with their classmates too!