Do you study psychology, social activities or clinical social work?

Do you want to be a Social Worker or Psychologist?

Do you want to learn how to work with projects?

Are you interested in Information Technology, Web or Graphic design?

Do you have ideas for your own projects that you want to implement?

Association Focus needs your skills for its internship program!

Everybody can go for internship; interns can be high school or college students or even adults interested in trying out a new career. Some university or college students do internships, to gain relevant experience in a particular career field, or their field of study. Internship programs are mostly supported by university, interns have a supervisor who gives them some specific tasks and evaluates the interns overall work.
The internship also makes students more knowledgeable and marketable, allowing them to stand out to employers for the highly competitive jobs. The internship also trains the independent-minded students to become successful entrepreneurs. Either the students will eventually work for a company or for themselves, internship is one of the best ways to learn about the real world and labor market.

Internships help to facilitate concrete experiences that encourage the link between theory and practice and as well as bridging the gaps between the knowledge from a classroom to the outside world or environment. The internship also gives students an experimental learning opportunity to have more knowledge and skills in real a life situation, to evaluate the acceptability of a future career area, to increase their competitiveness for future employment and to develop an awareness of community, economic and social issues in a global society. In other words, it broadens our horizons in relation to our disciplines.

The activities in NGO Focus - European center for development allows interns to participate in more specific sub-activities related to their interests and abilities.
Sub-actions in three areas (entertainment, educational and practical) and strive to realize the main objectives.
• Support for disadvantaged groups / people with disabilities /;
• Promotion of activities / internship /;
• To develop areas of information, sensitivity to the topic and the formation of good practice;
• Interns to build their autonomy;
• To give interns a new way of life;
• To increase self-esteem, self confidence, and its functions;
• Providing opportunities for training and education for young people interested in social sphere.

Interns will always have the accompaniment of Bulgarian and monitors will be integrated into work teams.


1.1. - Social activities:
1.1.1. - Educational activities: individual, active, yet flexible, adapted to the specific needs of youth and to his personal rhythm.
1.1.2. - Socialization, sports and leisure activities.
1.1.3. - Support for the development of autonomy in self.
1.1.4. - Encouraging walking. Implementation of various motor - motor play, didactic games. Training in speech.
1.1.5. - Excursions, visiting agencies and institutions.
1.1.6. - Holidays and carnivals - organization and celebration.

2.2 - Education
2.2.1 - Monitoring and Prevention
2.2.2 - Meetings with students, public / presentations, discussions, workshops /
2.2.3 - Informal education / rights and obligations of interns /

3.3 - Working in the office
3.3.1 - This activity will enable interns to work with projects.

3.3.2 - He/She will help the young people visiting our office to find the information they need, answer their questions and help them to find information on the Internet.

3.3.3 - Research and spreading of information material, updating the web page and database (infosheets and leaflets on various topics).

3.3.4 - Dealing with demands of young people and consulting them via mail or phone.

3.3.5 - Contributing to the organisation of small information events in the youth information centre, in schools and in youth center

3.3.6 - Assistance (to the members of the staff) in preparing and organising local participation projects and international project with young people. In this frame the Intern will be in contact with all the components of youth representatives and structures of the region and will assist in elaborating the programme, finding partners, sending of invitations, leading a thematical workshop etc.).

3.3.7 - S/he will take part in the team-meetings where the activities are planned and evaluated.

Intern profile:
Intern to be motivated, ambitious person who want to show and prove their skills. Able to prioritize tasks and allocate work in a team. Be interested in the youth work; in the social sphere and to work with people with disabilities. Have knowledge of English.

Duration of the internship: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months
Funding: – Non-paid internship (you will receive an accommodation and certificate); There is participant fee.

This is an incredible opportunity to gain excellent professional experience and key transferable skills.

Are you interested to work with us?
Send us your CV and motivation letter to, referring in which sector /A-B-C/ you would like to work and why! We will contact you!