Veronica Vericta

Written By: Kate B. T5

Close-Nit Family

Veronica “Swift Thief” Vericta was the loved child of Victor and Violet Vericta. She was a proud Velociraptor monogoliensis. The picture to the right was taken on a family trip to the Gobi Desert. Although she enjoyed this trip, Veronica was never a huge fan of traveling. She was born in central Mongolia, and lived basically in the same place for her entire life. I guess, you could call her a “small town velociraptor”.

Jumping Around

Veronica always seemed to be jumping around, in fact her favorite sport was the high jump. She had the highest record at her high school; 10 feet 6 inches. Although occasionally, her jumping was interrupted by making sure that her feathers were in place. One thing Veronica always took much pride in was her gorgeous feathers. She washed them daily, and was paid back for her hard work whenever anyone complimented her.

John Green, from thevlogbrothers, on Velociraptors


We May Rest Peacefully

Veronica loved living in the Cretaceous Period. But, like many of the others living in this time, she was killed when a huge comet hit near her hometown. Fear not, because we may rest peacefully knowing that her descendants, will lift up her story as they share her legacy with others. Birds will be flying all over the world, forever, so we may never forget Veronica.

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Funeral Service

Saturday, Jan. 26th 2019 at 12:15am to Sunday, Jan. 26th 2020 at 2am

Altai Mountains, Hami(Kumul), Bayanhongor, China

The funeral will take 8767.56 hours

If possible, please bring donations for the Velociraptor Protection Council.

If you are unable to attend the funeral, please send any donations to the address below.

Velociraptor Protection Council

593 Feathered Dino Circle

Bayanhongor, Mongolia

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