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Keeping your network safe - an offer from Northumbria Police

As you will be aware, organisations such as schools are at a heightened risk of experiencing a cyber security incident during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have received the following information from a colleague at NERSOU. Please ensure the relevant staff in school are aware of this valuable opportunity to undertake a free vulnerability assessment and help ensure your network is safe and secure.


I am a member of the North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit, part of a team with a primary objective of engaging with businesses; organisations and communities to provide advice and guidance to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of common cyber attacks.

During this unprecedented time, when we are all busy dealing with the demands of Covid-19, the last thing anyone wants is to become a victim of cybercrime. Although the most common way for criminals to attack is by sending malicious emails to try and get people to click on a link or download an attachment, there are those that will still try and take advantage of weak or insecure networks.

Northumbria Police are still offering a free Vulnerability Assessment to all businesses and organisations across the North East (Cleveland, Durham and Northumbria). Using Nessus, which is industry recognised software, they will scan public facing IP addresses and look for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the bad guys.

This may be more relevant than ever with changes to networks to allow for and/or increased ‘working from home’. The Vulnerability Assessment is done remotely, so there is no need for anyone to be in the office or for anyone to attend your premises. The scan should not affect any systems and can be done at any time.

Although you may conduct your own vulnerability assessment, this service is also available to all your third party agencies and suppliers based in the North East that, if affected, could also affect your systems and operation. Please provide them with this information.

To arrange for a Vulnerability Assessment or to find out further information, please email:

If you have any questions or queries, my contact details are below:

Kindest regards

Jonathan Green

Regional Cyber Protect Officer

North East Regional Special Operations Unit

Mob No: 07970 845103

Tel No: 0191 375 2917

Twitter @nerccu

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Important action if your school becomes infected by malware

If you believe your school may have been infected with malware, these steps may help limit the impact of the infection.

  1. Immediately disconnect the infected computers, laptops or tablets from all network connections, whether wired, wireless or mobile phone based.
  2. Consider whether turning off your Wi-Fi and disabling any core network connections (including switches) might be necessary in a very serious case.
  3. Seek technical support immediately from the NCC helpdesk (01670 627004), and by sending an email to