The Dolphin and the Sailor

A Story about a Dolphin that Proves the others Wrong.

Grace Nab

There was a dolphin swimming in the sea. His name was Sam. He was pretty small, and a lot of other creatures in the sea doubted him because of what he looked like. When Sam tried to hang out with the other dolphins, they would decline him because he was small, and didn't look tough or grown up enough. He looked weak. Sam got upset and wanted to prove to the other dolphins that he was not weak, and that he could be the strongest dolphin in the sea.

One day, Sam was swimming in the ocean by himself when he spotted a sailor on a ship, trying to rail up a net filled with fish. Now to the whole dolphin species, getting the fish out of the net that was being pulled by a sailor was very tricky, and if you could do it, you would be known for being strong and tough. The dolphin could not pass this opportunity. Sam raced over to the net as fast as he could, and bit the rope with his teeth as hard as he could. The net finally ripped open and all of the fish escaped. Sam saved the fish! Without Sam knowing, all of the other dolphins in the sea watched him bite through the net to get the fish out. The dolphins that teased him apologized for what they called Sam before, was to small, and looked weak because of that.

The life lesson that was taught in this story was to never judge somebody/something by how they look.