Week of February 9th

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As we move into the Mid-Winter recess take time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Teachers need to carry a deep believe in the potential of their students. This believe is the basis of our desire to teach. We teach because we believe in the potential of each student and want to help him or her develop that potential.

My focus for the week of February 9th will be to observe teachers planning lessons that lead to students being successful. I will be visiting all classrooms and reviewing lesson plans.

Our Monday buffet session will focus on the following topics:

Option 1 – Strategies for Managing a Differentiated Classroom

Option 2 - Routines in a Differentiated Classroom

Option 3 – Learning Environment in a Differentiated Classroom

Teachers must sign up for one of the sessions no later than 12pm on Monday. The sign-up sheets will be posted over the time clock in the main office. If you don’t select a session one will be assigned to you. All buffet sessions will start promptly at 2:30pm.

We will be focusing on part one and part two of “Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom” for discussions and activities. If you did not receive a copy of the text please speak with Mrs. Enriquez.


This week.....

On Monday Mrs. Vega was able to effectively schedule classes when 14 staff members called absent. Kudos to Mrs. Vega!

I engaged in a conversation with Keanna and Wandy from class 704 as they struggled to complete the 7th grade math performance exam. They were able to discuss their challenges and ways to overcome them.

It was great to see Algenis engaged in focused in dancing as I observed Class 802 and Ms. Harrison learning the Foxtrot and Rumba with the help of our wonderful Ballroom Dancing instructor Enrico. Our students are well on the path to wining another trophy.

Ms. Blanco has exceptional student management skills. It was evident as some students were fitted for cap-n-gown while others sat quietly in the auditorium.

Keeping with School Spirit on Friday, February 27th the entire school community will be involved in Spirit Friday "Superheroes Day". The expectation is that all staff will participate in School Spirit Friday.