Hawks On The Move!

N. W. Harllee Early Childhood Center

A Message from OUR Principal!

Great job so far bringing in plastic bags! We have filled our box, BUT WE NEED MORE. Send your plastic bags from grocery shopping, newspapers, and retail stores to the school so that we may recycle them in our It's A Bags Life Contest! Keep the Plastic Bags Coming!

P.T.A. is THIS TUESDAY! We need you here, as we plan for the second semester. If you have time to join us this Tuesday at 6 pm for an informative session. We will also have a special guest so make sure you are in attendance!

We are looking for a few volunteers. If you have time during the day to volunteer at our campus please let us know. There are many ongoing projects in our building, and your help would be greatly appreciated!

Next week at Harllee we will celebrate Acts of Random Kindness WEEK! During this week we will celebrate Kindness throughout our building!

  • Tuesday - We are giving meanness the "BOOT" All staff and students are asked to wear boots to school!
  • Wednesday - We "Mustache" you to be KIND! All staff and students are asked to wear mustaches during the day!
  • Thursday - Up, Up, And Away Be kind like a Superhero! All staff and students are asked to wear a Superhero Cape or Shirt to school!
  • Friday - I'm a "Jean- ius", I am Kind! All Staff and students are asked to wear jeans!

We are asking everyone to participate is this week! If you have any questions feel free to ask. This will be an awesome event.

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