Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism

Getting Into the Groove

We are all getting settled in even better this week. In Brighton, we are doing circle time with our leader live, and the kids seated at least six feet apart. In Burton, we are using our tablets and we have our leader on a web call for the kids to watch. The kids are still seated in the same room, and able to see each other in person, but are at least six feet apart. It's been fun figuring out new ways to make it fun for the kids, and follow our policies and procedures.

Water Safety

Our theme for June is Ocean Life, and we decided to incorporate water safety at the same time. Our Curriculum Coordinator, Beth, was able to bring in a small boat for the kids to play in, and some life jackets to practice wearing. The kids take turns using the boat with their therapist, and we're able to clean it in between. For the first two weeks, the boat was in Brighton, and we will move it to Burton for the last two weeks of June so everyone has a chance to play.

We know water safety is a big concern for our families, and with summer already here, and everyone anxious to get outside, here's a link to a short article with additional tips on water safety from Autism Speaks:

Autism Speaks Water Safety Tips

Same Time Next Week

Again, for the week of June 15th through June 19th, we will stick with the same schedule we've been on for half days. We are continuing our commitment to provide the highest quality ABA services and experience for your children. In keeping with that, here are some additional ways we've adapted our services.

We've adapted a number of our activities so that they can be experienced at your child's individual table - this includes art projects, library, and even dramatic play. At the end of each week, we clean all the materials that your child has used for that week, and rotate the materials, so each child will have a new experience for the next week.

To help with six foot social distancing, we've added a Movement Square around each child's table. We've used tape to define the area, and it allows each child room to get up and move from his chair, see his peers, play with bigger toys, and still maintain a safe distance. We've been able to use these Movement Squares so that the children can see and interact with each other at circle time, snack time, and for fun movement breaks throughout the day.

A surprising benefit of altering our environment to honor the CDC recommendations has resulted in our children practicing many new concepts including tolerance and adaptability which will serve them well in a school and/or social setting. Our children are adapting to a new schedule, new way of moving around the clinic, new technicians working with them, new arrival routine, new places to eat snacks, new way to participate in “group” activities, and new ways to interact with toys to name a few. They are learning to tolerate exposure to face coverings on themselves as well as others, tolerating longer periods of time being seated, tolerating distance from others, tolerating being able to move around the clinic less freely than usual which is resulting in our learners learning physical boundaries, tolerating limited snack and food choices and temperatures, and tolerating increased hand washing. All of these new skills will serve your children well in many areas of their life.

Big picture

Remember - we will have therapy on June 19th, not a Professional Development Day as previously planned!

Autism Alliance of Michigan Hero Walk: Virtual Event

Sunday, July 26th, 9am

This is an online event.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan's Hero Walk will be a virtual event this year. They have launched the fundraising website, and you can find more general info here:


We have formed a Strive Center for Autism team, and would love to have you join us here:


Professional Development Day for Staff - Children do not attend therapy

Friday, Aug. 7th, 8am

This is an online event.