Brookwood Monthly Newsletter

January 2022, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From the Principal's Desk . . . Jacqueline Cubberly

Happy New Year Brookwood!

Welcome back to school and a New Year.

2022 is bound to be interesting as we continue to live in a time of constant changes and the unknown. Who would have guessed that two years now, we are still living with and through COVID 19 and it's variants? We here at Brookwood wish all a healthy year ahead.

As previous noted, Brookwood's improvement plan includes two areas of focus for both Reading and Math, based on student performance and on-going assessments.

In Reading, grades one through five, students need phonemic awaremess / phonics and vocabulary. In Math, grades one through five, students need number sense and fact fluency.

All four areas of focus are foundational skills, which require automicity for students to engage in higher-level thinking and problem solving.

When students are focused on how to read the words, they are not paying attention to the content (what they are reading). When students are focused on adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, they are not paying attention to the actual problem being solved.

Any opportunity that you can find in real life, to have your child(ren) practice these skills, will greatly enhance their acquisition of these essential foundational skills, leading to succes in both school and life.

Reading Resources:

Math Resources:

Be sure to check out our Brookwood web-site.

Also in order to receive emails and updates, please be sure that your email and phone contacts are up to date in your Parent Portal in iCampus. There are directions on our website and the district website if you need assistance.

Be safe and well.

Jacqueline Cubberly


Brookwood helping Brookwood!

A SPECIAL Thanks to all of our families and staff who generiously donated Christmas gifts for our Brookwood families in need.

Your outpouring was AMAZING!

Thank you Mrs. Connolly for organzing this annual event and to our "Christmas Elves" who helped to wrap presents.

Counselor's Corner

Meet the New Counselor

Hello Brookwood! My name is Jenna Pedersen and I am so excited to be here with you as your new school counselor. It has been an amazing month so far as I get to know your children. They have been so welcoming and have really made me feel at home!

A couple quick facts about me. I am a Holy Family graduate, certified K through 12 but with a passion for the elementary level. I am dedicated to the trauma centered approach to individual counseling and small groups and have had the privilege to see how it can benefit each child and their unique needs in the classroom. On a more personal note, I have two girls of my own who are 8 and 5 years old. In my spare time I enjoy reading or going to the gym.

I am dedicated to your child’s social emotional learning and success here at Brookwood. Please feel free to reach out to me any time. I look forward to getting to know you!


Self-Care in our New Year- For the Busy Parent

Self-care can easily be defined as participating in something we enjoy that makes us feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to return to the daily grind. But as parents, where do we find the time? Baby steps! Integrating ten to fifteen minutes of self-care into your daily routine will decrease stress and add to overall well being. Here are some quick self-care ideas that you can try for the new year.

  1. Take a 10 minute walk. Start small! Then increase time when you’re able to.

  2. Nap when your kids nap! Studies show that quality sleep has a direct correlation to mental and physical health.

  3. Decrease screen time. Try to engage less in social media, and use your phone for more positive purposes, such as one of the below meditation apps.

  4. Color or draw.

  5. Take 10 minutes to catch up with a friend.

  6. Do yoga. Quick yoga videos can be found online

  7. Go to bed early.

  8. Start a gratitude journal. Studies have shown that naming three things you are grateful for each day is able to change your mindset to being more positive overall.

  9. Meditate or breathe. Breathing exercises can decrease stress and anxiety in that moment of high stress.

  10. Create a vision board. Brainstorm your goals for the new year, even if they are small. Keep pushing!

Self-care is NOT about adding more to your already full plate. Here are some Myths & Facts

Myth – Self-care is a one-time experience.

Fact – Looking after yourself is an ongoing practice in building resilience to face hardships and in preventing burnout.

Myth – Self-care is time consuming.

Fact – Self-care does not require you to take a huge chunk of time from your day; some strategies can be done simultaneously to working.

Myth – Self-care is selfish.

Fact – When you invest in yourself, you improve your life significantly and will be able to do more – for yourself and others.

Apps for Self-Care:

Free Family Support Nights

Hosted by Family Services. Click the link for more information.

Maternity Care Coalition is facilitating free virtual parenting groups that are starting the week of January 17th for caregivers with children birth – 5 years old who live in Bucks County. Pregnant parents are also welcome. See this flyer for more information.


FAB LAB presented to 3rd & 4th grade students by the BCIU

Big picture

Kindergarten made Edible Dreidels!

Buddy Classrooms - Mrs Erb’s fifth grade writing with Mrs Pasquale’s second grade

Ugly Sweater Day

Big picture

Exploring Carrer Opportunities in 2nd Grade

This month 2nd grade students read the story, How Santa Got His Job.

Students were able to explore different jobs they could have when they grow up.

NEW YEAR News from the Brookwood Library!


This New Year we have been fortunate to receive a 6-Person School Library Pass that may be checked out from our Brookwood School Library, for the Bucks County Children’s Museum, 500 Union Square Drive, New Hope PA.

The pass allows for free admission for a group of up to 6 people, including children over age one and adults. The pass may be used once during a check-out time and returned to our Brookwood School Library promptly, so others may use it.

If you need more information please email me, or call me here at Brookwood, or check out the museum website. More information is available at

Also FYI, the Grundy Library in Bristol also has Museum Passes to borrow,

please visit their webpage, or use the link below:

Ms. Fran Scordia, M.Ed.

Library Media Teacher

Brookwood Elementary School

2200 Haines Rd.

Levittown, PA 19055


Bristol Township SD


DWA - Drummers With Attitude!

Mr. Travers from Neil Armstrong Middle School brought his Drummers With Attitude students to perform for our Brookwood Students!

We had so much fun listening to their awsome music!

Thank you Drummers!