Poetry by Nihar Tatapudi

Independent Study Presentation

Study Process: I. Introduction

I have researched the study of poetry and how it can put a positive impact on any type of work I will do in my future. In the beginning I basically wanted to mature my poet skills, since I took poetry halfheartedly. My initial interest to attempt this study started when my old elementary school teachers recommended me to try poetry out since they felt there was major potential from me.

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Study Process: II. The Process

I did have a road block while I was doing my poetry collection and researching on poetry. There were no tips to strengthening poetry content other than using the advantage of your personal experience. The general direction of my study consisted of, thinking of a rough draft, typing the rough draft, and revising it to make a final draft on a separate word document. The process for the whole project as a whole was basically the stereotypical plan for any project. It started with research, analyzing the research, incorporating research into the project, and finalizing the project.

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Study Process: III. The Future

My plans for the future is to contact local poets who can give feedback. I would also like to after this project to find some books on how to strengthen my poetry. Another possible option is to contact one of my old teachers who is an avid poet, to see if she can help me out.

Knowledge of Expertise: I. The Beginning of Poetry

Poetry derives from the ancient Greeks. The word for poetry is actually noiew, pronounced like (poieo). The motive fueled for poetry was to be able to convey messages of emotion and feelings toward the reader. This is because poems frequently rely for their effect on imagery, word association, and the mood of the words used together in a poem. By layering all of these attributes, you can really positively generate a meaning of the poetry.

Knowledge of Expertise: II. Shakespeare and Enjambment

Poetry can be dated back to Shakespeare days. Shakespeare most effectively formatted poetry. Well-known lines from one of his plays, Hamlet was through the strategy of enjambment. Enjambment means the continuation of a sentence without a pause beyond the end of a line, couplet, or stanza. The reason enjambment is important to poetry is because you are fully expressing yourself with no restraints. That is truly what poetry is all about. The line Shakespeare wrote was:

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune."

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Knowledge of Expertise: III. My Strategy

A strategy I liked to use was to feel like I was writing a book, end it how you started it, strong. To me the start and beginning are the strongest parts of the poem because that is where the passion is. It is where it hooks your reader in and ends it with a special touch. This makes the reader feel good about what they just read.

Evidence of Knowledge Gained: I. Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

The most pompous phrase of my life,

Nothing would have mattered if I wasn't right.

No stress and no pain could hurt me.

I was so vain about my start of a privileged journey.

Magic carpet, please take me away,

Please take me to the glory days.

Take me to the times I jumped off a slide,

Or put my hands up during a roller coaster ride.

Now all I worry about is my status or grades,

All I used to worry about was indoor or outdoor time to play.

I did not need to care about a stitch in time,

I did not need to care about earning more than a dime.

Life has changed one too many ways,

It has changed my family, attitude and my face.

I'm so shallow about what is reality and truth,

Life's the brush and I'm the tooth.

Life was magic, now it's real,

And I am not sure how to feel.

I need an escape, I need to go.

I can't take the answer "no".

From 4 foot creative to 5 foot boring,

It went from who cares? To no ignoring!

My life was a dream world yet I didn't know,

Magic carpet, take me back for one last show?

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Evidence of Knowledge Gained: II. A Past Memory

A Past Memory

A man on a mission,

My feet are my savior.

The pistons of an engine,

My mama, let me amaze her.

Under a microscope, you can see my every move.

Everyone is a spectator,

As I lose my groove.

It all falls down like the grace of a crater.

A blow to the bones,

What just happened?

Awkward fall as a drone,

A deafening hit that was so rapid.

The gasps and the shocking silence,

Coach is sprinting onto field in complete sadness.

I came for passion, not violence.

How does the sound come down from all the madness?

My life has changed in a way I couldn't believe,

Why? Why me God? My faith is losing.

I grimace in the pain I have and will continue to receive.

Not only my body but truly my life is bruising.

What an athlete I used to be,

I can only imagine as I am on this turf lying,

That the Heavens look down at me,

And the sky is crying.

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