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February 19, 2016

Facebook & Pictures

Remember to check out our Loopy Learners Facebook page to see more pictures of the daily happenings in our classroom! I try to post pictures and activities daily.

Behavior System, Planners, & Calendar

We have implemented our new behavior system and it is working quite well. I have also created a "Calming Corner" in our classroom. This is an area where students can go to take a quick break to regroup and calm down if they are feeling anxious or upset. They can also go there before they begin to feel anxious or upset to helpfully avoid unexpected behaviors.

Please remember to sign your child's planner and calendar nightly and return it to school. If your child lost their planner, they may use a notebook. Thank you!

February's Precept...

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Thank you for your support and help passing our referendum! I am so proud and grateful to work in such a supportive and caring community!

One Book, One School Program

February 29-March 4 - pages 182-242

March 7-11 - pages 243-300

March 14th - Family Fun Night

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This week, we learned about prefixes and root words, and read some amazing stories about how nature has inspired inventions! I love the conversations that we are having as a class! All of the kids are engaged and attentive, I am very proud of them!

I did a fluency check with the kids this week. Ask your child how they did. I talked with each child about their scores. Some of the students that told me they were reading every night went up 10-20 words per minute - great job! Please have your child read at home as much as possible. Even 20 minutes per night will make a big difference in increasing their fluency and comprehension. Thank you for your support!

Envisions Math

We are continuing to work on Topic 7 (division) and will finish it up early next week and take our Topic Test. Topic 8 is all about division facts. It is extremely important that your child practice and learn their multiplication facts fluently. Please have them practice at home as much as possible. They can log into their Reflex math accounts at home to practice or work on www.factmonster.com. If you do not have internet access, flashcards work just as well! Thank you for your support!

Continent Studies

We are continuing to work on our continent study of Asia. It has been very interesting learning where many of the items we use daily were imported from. Next week, we will be writing Hmong folk tales to go with traditional Hmong Storycloths (each student will have their own coloring page that is representative of a Storycloth).
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Don't forget to save and send in Box Tops! We are raising money for new playground equipment!

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Jump Rope for Heart Envelopes Due

Friday, Feb. 26th, 8:30am

1700 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI

"The One and Only Ivan" One Book, One School Family Night

Monday, March 14th, 8am

1700 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI

*Please note that the time will be determined. More information will be sent home at a later date.

Eagle River Elementary School Spring Fling

Friday, March 18th, 2pm

1800 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI