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X-Factor Star: Lukas

Lukas's Background

Lukas grew up without a father, only a mother, little brother and little sister. His father died in a fire when he was 9, and his abusive step-father left when he was 11. In school he would join the music club and singing club each year. His whole life, his quote would just be "Music is my life." For 5 years he performed in clubs and has a degree in music. For most of his life he's had to support his mother with cancer and sick siblings. Lately it's been tougher for him to take care of his family because he's unemployed and running out of money, but his mind is still set on becoming a musical star. His mother is undergoing intensive chemotherapy and his music makes her feel better.

His hopes and aspirations for the future:

Donate $90000000000000 dollars to charity. Cure cancer and every other sickness despite his lack of a medical degree. Meet and hug all his fans.

Comments from other people:

"After listening to him, I cried myself to sleep each night." - Simon Cowell

"I'm his biggest fan!" - Britney Spears


Comments from the act:

"I love to sing, it's my life."

"My fans mean the world to me."