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Lots of people indicated an interest in book ideas, technology tips, project ideas, and professional development opportunities, so here is a sampling of information that I hope you find helpful.

Book Ideas

Want to start something?

Here are some project suggestions to spark an idea. I am willing to work together with you on any project that stretches our students in literacy, technology integration, information gathering and use, content acquisition, etc.

  • Author study
  • Writing book reviews
  • Researching class questions
  • Comparing fiction and nonfiction on a topic
  • Class video to present learning
  • Ipad center to capture student processing on given topic
  • Writing motivated by literature

Links for easy access:

Colorado Children's Book Award new list

Ipad white list (check to see if an app is approved for adding to a student ipad)

Form to request an app by added

Technology Tips and Tricks

Professional Resources