How Salt Channged An Empire

By: Chandler Turner


The Reason Gandhi ever walked the Salt March is because of the British taxing. The British were unfairly taxing the Indians on salt. Many people were very poor and could not afford the salt. Salt was essential for there livelihood in Indian.
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The Salt March stretched over 240 mile. it started in Ahmedabad and ended at the sea in a small town called Dandi. Through out the march Gandhi marched through many towns and gathered many people to follow him.
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This great march started on March 12, 1930, this march took almost a month of pure walking. This march ended on April 6, 1930.
Gandhi's Salt March


The salt march was a march to the sea to make salt and break British law and show everyone that British law could be defied. The man who lead this march was a man named Gandhi. He showed everyone that British was not untouchable and the law could be broken.


The man who lead this great march was Gandhi. Gandhi was in his 60's at the time of the march, he lead thousand of people over 240 miles to the ocean to make salt and break the law. Gandhi went on to lead the most peaceful rebellion ever.