India migrates to Minnesota

By : Paige Hemphill

Pushes: weak government, jobs being out sourced, and highly populated.

Pulls: strong economy, good quality of life, educational opportunities, thriving civic mad cultural life, and stronger jobs.

The biggest one is jobs because in India it is so populated people are starting to become fired so jobs have enough to pay there higher employes.

The main Ravensteins law of migration is each migration flow produces a movement in the opposite direction(counter flow ) Counter flow is the main thing because when people leave India there family that stays in India moves into there homes until they are ready to leave.

A lot of the people moved into a urban area and that's also a Ravensteins law. You don't see many moving into the country but to the city areas

People from India are very educated. A very popular job is to work with H1-B work visa. They are very good with computer and electronics. You will also see a lot making cultural groups to keep there culture strong.
The main challenge they have is having there children be around American kids and American life styles while trying to keep there culture strong or at least keep there child aware of it and proud to be from India. Also it is a big change being able to pick who you marry and not be forced into it.
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