"What's Your Personality Type?"

By: Symphony Shaw



Description of People Who Are ENFP's

•ENFP's are simply "People-people"

•They're very outgoing and love being around people

•They are known for coming up with brilliant ideas

Famous People Who are ENFP's

•Bill Clinton

•Will Smith

•Bill Cosby

•Sandra Bullock

•Robin Williams

•Jennifer Aniston

Does the ENFP Personality Describe Me?

Yes. The ENFP personality most definitely describes me. I've never had a dull moment while being around people. I absolutely love interacting with people and also, love thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas.

What are some Career Paths that most ENFP's Choose?

•Arts (Martial, Performing, etc.)


•Social Services

Learning Styles for ENFP's

•They're able to learn and work independently

•They easily grasp new information

•They're able to work well with the information they already know and have experienced using

Characteristics of People who are ENFP's