Angel Martinez, Ian Morse, Montana Ronduen - period 4

Myth/ Story

Scorpius was sent by Gaea, the earth goddess, to kill Orion.Because she felt like the hunter was killing to many animals.Scorpius killed Orion, Orion was going to see his lover when Scorpius and Orion killed each other. Zeus then placed them in the opposite ends of the sky so they could never see each other. Now you can the hunter (Orion) in the winter and the beast (Scorpius) in the summer. Once Scorpius had claws but they were cut off by Julius Caesar cut them off to form the constellation, Libra.

General Iformation

Scorpius is in the shape of a scorpion. It's one of the largest,brightest globular clusters in the sky. An unmistakable, brilliant red super-giant star is the Antares,the heart of the scorpion. Scorpius is hard to see because it lies close to the horizon.It's seen in March to August.